Deep Town 6.2.03 MOD Lots of Money, Crystals APK
Deep Town MOD APK 6.2.03

Deep Town 6.2.03 MOD Lots of Money, Crystals APK

Written by Hai Nam (2 days ago)
Name Deep Town
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Rockbite Games
Size 74MB
Latest Version 6.2.03
MOD Unlimited Money, Crystals
Category Simulation
Price FREE

Deep Town is an addictive but idle simulation game inspired by underground mining. Your task here is to dig through each layer of rock to find and exploit precious resources such as gold, diamonds, gems, and more. You can even build your factory underground, send an army of robots to research the land, grow crops in greenhouses, process resources into raw materials… Do everything for your wealth. friends, but you don’t have to work hard to make a lot of money. With idle gameplay mechanics, your company will monetize as soon as you go offline and leave the game. But do not be subjective with this automatic mode, join the game like a real manager and discover dozens of interesting content inside the ground.

Deep Town – Become an idle tycoon with an underground empire!

Right from the name, you can seem to imagine the gameplay of Deep Town. Yes, it offers exciting simulation gameplay for you to explore the mysterious underground world. But more than just exploring, you can actually become the boss of modern buildings here and do a major overhaul to turn the underground into a thriving city. Besides that interesting gameplay, the game will also make you enjoy the idle clicker gameplay style and simple, sophisticated graphics. Everything is depicted on colorful 2D graphics, for fun visuals and vibrant on-screen backgrounds. Plus, the sound is always upbeat, inspiring to play for hours without getting bored.


Exploit resources, build factories

Start on the ground, and work your way down through layers of rock to get underground with your team of robots. Use the most powerful drills to destroy all obstacles and pierce them to create a path. But you can’t go through a circuit to get to the core of the earth. Stop at each layer to discover resources, mine valuables, and enrich your mining company. You can build factories here to process ingredients by melting them. Or you can grow the seeds into plants in a greenhouse so that they grow just below the ground.

In the process of building your underground empire, you need to constantly upgrade to progress more and more. You need to automate every process in the processing plant or use weird magic to destroy layers faster. At the same time, upgrade your robot army to make them stronger and more agile, thereby helping you to take care of all the operations of the factories. Gradually, you just sit and watch the work happen without doing anything. But idle money still automatically runs to the pocket.


Unlock new unique locations

The most unfortunate thing that many gamers encounter in Deep Town is that they stop too soon. While the underground world is increasingly diverse and rich with dozens of valuable resources and mysterious civilizations. Send scouts to many new planets to collect artifacts, research the land and build a new town there. Send an army of robots and spaceships to every corner of the universe, colonize planets, and begin a complete reorganization underground. With new resources, you will increase your income. Things like gems and diamonds are of course much better than copper, coal, or gold.

Besides, don’t miss great events to compete with online players. Gamers can form guilds with like-minded players and together build a vast, prosperous underground empire. By joining a clan, you will have more opportunities to travel and discover new resources. At the same time, guild quests also help you unlock reward chests filled with gems and badges of honor. Moreover, you can compete with others for the top 30 most talented leaders of all time. The competition gives you the impetus for constant growth and progress.


Fight against future dangers

During the construction process, pay attention to protecting your empire from the dangers below. Many strange creatures multiply and grow stronger, which is a danger that can destroy ships, and structures and against your army of robots. So, how do remove them? Simply craft modern weapons from the resources you earn to use as battle equipment. But upgrade them regularly to confront increasingly terrible creatures.


Deep Town will be an interesting place for you to show your leadership and management talents. Constantly digging deeper to discover the underground, where the most valuable resources in the universe are hidden. Do it with an army of modern robots and the most advanced tools and machines, not with rudimentary axes and hammers. So just click to build, mine, upgrade and further develop your underground empire.

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