Decor Life 1.0.32 MOD VIP, Lots of Money, Gems APK
Decor Life MOD APK 1.0.32

Decor Life 1.0.32 MOD VIP, Lots of Money, Gems APK

By Hai Nam April 15, 2024 (1 day ago)
Name Decor Life
Requires Android 7.0
Publisher SayGames Ltd
Size 141MB
Latest Version 1.0.32
MOD VIP, Lots of Money, Gems
Category Simulation
Price FREE

Do you like home improvement projects? Are you passionate about creative interior design work? Decor Life is definitely the place for you. This game gives you interesting boxes. Each box is a room that is required to be redesigned according to your ideas. What do you want the bedroom to look like, the kitchen like? There’s no limit to how you can make them the way you want them to be. Moreover, just tap and swipe on the screen to design. So whether you are a new player or an expert, a child or an adult, this game comes right for you. What are you waiting for? Download the game and customize the interior to your liking.

Download Decor Life mod apk MOD APK – Fun interior decoration world

Right from the name, Decor Life MOD tells you the content it brings. It brings a world of design MOD APK – where you have the right to customize everything to your liking. But what if you don’t know anything about design? That is not the problem. You can make all your ideas (even the craziest APK come true. The game does not limit the design in any framework. Of course, no one will judge your results either. In other words, it is you who decide the bad and good points in this game. Design the way you want and enjoy the results right on your phone.


Turn old rooms into new ones

Your task in this game is to redesign the old rooms. You will start by removing old pieces of furniture and putting them in paper boxes. Just touch the specified item and drag them to the box position, that’s it. Next, you just need to glue the tape to close the mouth of the box. Old furniture containers will be moved elsewhere for recycling or disposal. As soon as it is shipped, you will receive a new gift box. Inside it, you will find new series of furniture pieces. It can be tables, chairs, cups, pots, plates, books, night lights, shelves, murals, bathroom utensils, and more. And your job is to arrange them properly in the empty room.

What do you want your rooms to look like? Do you prefer simple and classic or fresh and modern? Customize the rooms to your favorite style without racing against time. Just touch the box to get the items out. Then, touch the items and drag them to the positions you want. For example, books should be on the bookshelf, night lights should be placed next to the bed, dishes should be in the cupboard in the kitchen… There are many different items and you need to think of ways to arrange them. After completing the redesign of a room, you will unlock a new room.


Unlock many new areas

New rooms will be unlocked in Decor Life MOD APK according to your level progress. It can be the living room, bedroom, toilet, kitchen, reading room, garden, and more. Each room will have a different area and should have appropriate utility items. Besides, don’t forget to change the color of the wall paint, tiles, and more. They will change the old space of the room and make everything new. In addition, each room should be designed differently and according to your preferences. Don’t be tied down when you have the freedom to design. More new areas will continue to unlock as you level up. Enjoy the endless design process.


There are no limits

To reiterate, there are no limits in this game. Although you are only given certain pieces of furniture, you are free to design everything. You can reposition items in the room, remove them, add new items, change colors, and more. In addition, after each level up, you will receive some random gifts. You can use them in any room you want. In particular, there are no puzzles or countdown timers here. So you want to spend as much design time as you like. And you also don’t need to think to solve puzzles or do quests.


Colorful cartoon style

Everything in this game is designed in cartoon style. However, every detail from people to rooms, furniture, and more is very authentic. Thanks to that, you can easily distinguish different items. In addition, the experience scene always wears bright and harmonious colors. Along with that, the gentle and relaxing music melodies make you happier. As can be seen, this game is really the ideal place for entertainment.

MOD APK Feature of Decor Life

  • Unlimited stars and gems
  • Unlimited everything
  • Remove Ads

So if you are passionate about design, why not try Decor Life MOD APK 1.0.32? It will make you fall in love with the free and relaxing design process. You have the right to design everything you want without fear of anyone’s judgment. Moreover, there are dozens of rooms to design and hundreds of pieces of furniture to choose from. Let your creativity fly away during the redesign of the rooms. Don’t forget to show off your results to your friends if you want.

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