Death School 3.1.11 MOD Menu VIP, Free Premium Choices APK
Death School MOD APK 3.1.11

Death School 3.1.11 MOD Menu VIP, Free Premium Choices APK

By Hai Nam April 7, 2024 (2 weeks ago)
Name Death School
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Genius Studio Japan Inc.
Size 52MB
Latest Version 3.1.11
MOD Menu, Free Premium Choices
Category Adventure
Price FREE

Death School is a visually interactive game inspired by anime movies. It will bring you into a story that is both horror, suspense, and romance. That story revolves around a haunted school. You are trapped in school with beautiful girls due to a mysterious curse. So, your journey with the girls begins. Your goal is definitely to find a way out of the school and solve all the mysteries. But at the same time, you can find your love here. In the moment of life and death, which girl will make you fall in love? The anime’s visual style and catchy soundtrack will guide your emotions. Explore, enjoy and interact in your own way.

Download Death School MOD APK – Discover the mysterious anime story

Like many other anime movies and games, Death School is set right in the school. At the beginning of the game, it brings light scenes about the daily lives of boys and girls. In it, you are an ordinary male student, every day going to class, studying, having fun with friends, and sometimes going crazy with tests. Until one day, your class has a new transfer student. She says that something is lurking at the school and waiting for the right moment to cause death. Of course, no one believes that. But it really happened. You and three other girls are stuck at the school after school. And now it’s time to face the mysterious dark dangers.


Simple intuitive interactive gameplay

The story of the game will continue in chapters. In each chapter, the details are neatly arranged in sequence, making it easy to follow the plot content. The chapters will revolve around the journey of you and three schoolgirls in the fight against the evil forces. At the same time, they also exploit the relationship between the characters to create special emotions. Your job is to solve puzzles to discover them all. At the same time, you can find a special emotion in one of the available characters. Thereby, many mysteries are removed and shocking secrets are revealed.

Thus, the gameplay of this game is similar to the usual interactive visual novel games. You just need to touch the screen to answer the quiz and see what happens next. The game’s story also has multiple endings, depending on your choices. So think carefully before you decide to do something. If you and your group of girls are in danger, it will all start over from the starting line. Conversely, the further you go, the more new content is unlocked to discover. So can you find the desired ending to this story?


Explore the character system

As introduced, Death School will revolve around a group of main characters including 3 female students. In it, Rei is your childhood friend and a born leader. You and she sometimes disagree, but the two work very well together. So in this life-and-death battle, both will find common points of view to solve situations together. Meanwhile, Meiko is the prettiest of the three. She is someone who has just transferred to the school and has the ability to perceive mysteries. However, her eccentric personality alienated everyone. If you can reach Meiko’s heart, she won’t hesitate to chat with you. And finally, Natsume is a female student at the head of the literature club. She is admirable and loved by many.

As can be seen, each character has a different personality. Each has its own advantages, limitations, and story. So, who is your type of person? You can pick out one of them to chat, interact with, and go beyond being lovers. Through puzzles and choices, you have many ways to conquer any of these three schoolgirls. But do it subtly and be trustworthy.


Play minigames to receive gifts

Besides the main puzzles and plot, the game has an extra feature, which is a minigame. It is built through the wheel of fortune mechanism. You just need to touch the screen to collect points through the spins. These points will help you pay for premium choices, helping you unlock interesting, suggestive episodes. Besides, if you have an emergency situation, you can use the points to buy tickets. This will help you continue the story without waiting.

Are you ready to explore Death School ? This game will make you enjoy it with an interesting storyline and vivid anime style. Make your choice and puzzle your way through the original story. Each choice will determine the course and end of the journey. In particular, you will have the opportunity to interact with beautiful anime characters.

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