Dead Zombie Shooter: Survival 44.3 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money, God mode, Unlocked All, VIP APK
Dead Zombie Shooter: Survival MOD APK 44.3

Dead Zombie Shooter: Survival 44.3 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money, God mode, Unlocked All, VIP APK

By Hai Nam April 7, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Dead Zombie Shooter: Survival
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher Hyper Casual Fungames
Size 424MB
Latest Version 44.3
MOD Menu, Unlimited Money, God mode, Unlocked All, VIP
Category Action
Price FREE

Dead Zombie Shooter: Survival is an action shooting game. With a combination of offline shooting modes. Set in a post-apocalyptic world. Accordingly, it will open up a lot of different tasks to perform. As a survivor, you need to use a variety of weapons to protect yourself. You can fight with your teammates against zombies coming from all directions. The game uses an overhead perspective that will easily observe and explore the surrounding environment. Besides, the combination of 2D graphics brings a completely new experience. The dynamic sound system is flexibly changed to suit the scene.

Download Dead Zombie Shooter: Survival MOD APK – Shooting Against Scary Zombies

The story takes place in an apocalyptic fantasy world. Set on an island, all the survivors have been invaded by a virus. This is a deadly experiment by evil scientists. Turn the living into scary zombies. You and your teammates are hired to the island to destroy all evidence of the evil experiment. But under the bloodthirsty of the undead will become the target of being hunted. The mission is to destroy all zombies and ensure your own life. Overcome their obstacles to be able to complete the mission.Dead Zombie Shooter- Survival

Style play

The island adventure will be played in an open-ended way. You can freely move to kill the zombies. As well as no time limit to deploy the attack strategy. The gameplay is similar to other survival action games. The navigation and scrolling mechanism is designed in the form of a joystick, displayed in the left corner of the screen. Also supported was a mini-map to observe the current area and location. Next to it is the health bar showing the character’s current health. The right side will have action icons such as reloading, using grenades, medics, and shooting. Along with the conversion feature to change other weapons.Game Dead Zombie Shooter- Survival

More than 100 types of weapons

Dead Zombie Shooter: Survival game has more than 100 types of weapons. Typical as AK-M, MP5 A4, S&W 586,… and many more. Each gun is specially designed with different shapes and sizes. Will carry stats such as damage level, accurate fire rate, reload time, and penetration ability. You will not be able to find a zombie game with such a wide variety of weapons. But to unlock it, you need to use the coins collected in the previous levels to be completed. From there, you can buy and upgrade guns to become stronger.

There are also grenades, with the ability to deal wide-area damage. It helps you destroy all enemy troops in a certain range. This is a support weapon to use when needed because the number is limited. Besides, when the amount of blood is almost exhausted after the resistance from zombies. The first aid box can be used to recover, thereby increasing the survival rate.Download Dead Zombie Shooter- Survival

Various types of zombies

The zombies in the process of fighting are very diverse. They are horribly shaped, with gore on them. At the same time carry different attack abilities. For example, zombies of small size carry in them the ability to move very flexibly. But their damage to the character is quite low and the amount of health is also very little, just one bullet can destroy it. The slowness of large zombies gives you time to move to a larger area. But its advantage is high blood and strong attack ability. Be careful because you can’t see all the zombies that are nearby, they will hide in the trees and shadows.

Collect equipment and items

In the war against the zombies. You will pick up money, weapon chests, first aid boxes, and ammunition. They drop randomly after killing zombies. Be quick to pick them up because they are very useful for your battle. Guns, armor, gloves, and shoes,… are the rewards you will get more after wiping out the enemy and winning. From there, you can equip yourself to enhance your abilities. The higher the level, the more valuable rewards you will receive and the chance to get rare items.Tai Dead Zombie Shooter- Survival

MOD APK Feature of Dead Zombie Shooter: Survival

  • MOD Menu
  • Lots of Money
  • God mode
  • Unlocked All, VIP

Come to the story mode of the game Dead Zombie Shooter: Survival. You will have to conquer more than 110 missions. The exciting storyline of the quests will take you from one surprise to another, along with two different offline game modes. This is the main quest and the bonus quest. If the above two modes cannot meet the desire to fight against zombies. There’s also an endless mode designed just for you. Countless undead will charge fiercely and full of ferocity. What you need is a cool head, aim at the zombies and pull the trigger.

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