Dead Zed 1.3.11 MOD Lots of Money/God mode APK
Dead Zed MOD APK 1.3.11

Dead Zed 1.3.11 MOD Lots of Money/God mode APK

By Hai Nam April 6, 2024 (2 weeks ago)
Name Dead Zed
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher Not Doppler
Size 218MB
Latest Version 1.3.11
MOD Unlimited money/God mode
Category Action
Price FREE

It is one of the shooting action games that is loved by a large number of audiences. Dead Zed game promises to open up exciting battles. The content of the game is designed according to the level of play. With a diverse mission system in order of increasing difficulty. Along with countless challenges will be faced in each mission. Play as a gunman, in the first-person perspective. You will have to fight with zombies to protect the base. By precise attack to destroy the whole. From there, you can complete quests to receive rewards. To bring a diverse experience to every player when participating. A series of interesting features have been released by Not Doppler. Rich weapon system with many different types. The control interface is optimized, and easy to use to attack fearsome enemies.

Introduce about Dead Zed – War Against Zombies To Protect The Base!

Based on the fictional story of a not-so-distant world in the game Dead Zed. After being infected with a special virus of unknown origin. Humanity has faced the catastrophe of doom. Those unfortunate enough to catch the virus quickly lost their lives. But they are not allowed to lie still, instead will come to life again. But no longer a human, but became a zombie. They are driven by bloodlust. Quickly search for survivors to attack. That’s what caused the virus to go out of control. Standing on the line between life and death. You have no choice but to fight. The only way to pick up the weapon is to attack the enemy. Fight their bloodlust to protect yourself. From there, there is a chance to survive in the post-apocalyptic world.Dead Zed

Missions by level

Dead Zed ‘s mission system is divided into levels. Each level opens up an extremely intense zombie war. Your mission is entrenched in the base, the goal is to shoot down all zombies. Do not let them enter the base to protect themselves. In the first-person perspective, zombies will constantly appear and move forward. You need to use the equipped weapon to attack. Kill all the scary guys to complete the mission. Then, based on the difficulty of the task will receive the corresponding reward. Includes money and experience points. Win in each level in turn. Accumulate experience points up to a certain stage. Then there will be a chance to unlock new weapons. A gun that possesses superior parameters will make it easier for you to kill zombies faster.Dead Zed

The increasing difficulty, many locations

After completing the zombie-killing mission to protect the base. You can continue to step to new levels. The difficulty of Dead Zed will gradually increase. Context and environment will be changed. Battles take place in many different locations. Through that look for safe havens. Can escape the onslaught of zombies. Starting from the peaceful suburbs, through each battle will move to new areas. In an abandoned city, a deserted farm, a vast industrial area, and more. To survive the fearsome enemies. Defend yourself from attacks from zombies. You need to constantly improve your fighting skills. Gain experience to be able to accurately shoot oncoming enemies. From there will complete the task with excellent achievements.Introduce about Dead Zed

Various Weapons

Possess a diverse collection of weapons. With many different types, of long-range attack styles. There are several types of weapons in Dead Zed. For example, crossbows, rifles, shotguns, machine guns, sniper rifles,… Many more, will be unlocked by the system when the conditions are met. Or you can use the money accumulated from previous battles. Buy your favorite weapons to fight in your own style. Each gun possesses different specifications. Shown in damage, range, reload time, and ammo count. Depending on the ability of each weapon will require the corresponding amount. Weapons with higher parameters will require a larger amount of money to buy. Their effectiveness is also better when used in battles.Game Dead Zed

In Dead Zed there are 3 main currencies. Includes silver coins, gold coins, and banknotes. They are all used to perform trading operations. But each currency is used for its own purpose. Win the zombie wars. You will have a high chance of receiving silver coins. Can be used to purchase some common necessary items. Gold coins and banknotes are used to unlock guns. You can choose one of these two currencies to trade. They are of a more advanced type of currency, to own, you can pay. Or complete the quest to get lucky.

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