Dead Fire: Zombie Shoot MOD Immortal, Endless Knitting, Remove Ads APK
Dead Fire: Zombie Shoot MOD APK

Dead Fire: Zombie Shoot MOD Immortal, Endless Knitting, Remove Ads APK

By Hai Nam April 7, 2024 (2 weeks ago)
Name Dead Fire: Zombie Shoot
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher PanFriends.Inc
Size 97MB
Latest Version
MOD Immortal, Endless Knitting, No Ads
Category Action
Price FREE

Face scary zombies in the world of Dead Fire: Zombie Shoot. You are equipped with guns to perform survival missions. You will have to fight a lot of different enemies to protect yourself. Through the first-person perspective, recreating the visual perspective. The goal is to shoot down all enemies in the match to survive. This game belongs to the offline shooting genre, combined with RPG action elements. With fun features to enjoy while joining. An attractive mission system takes place in stages. There are many different types of guns to change the attack style. Along with that is the realistically designed graphics, based on the 3D platform. Expressed through sharp image quality, combined with vivid sound effects.

Download Dead Fire: Zombie Shoot MOD APK – Shooting Guns Against Zombies To Survive

The content of the game revolves around the war against zombies. Through it will face a lot of types to survive. They have a terrifying appearance, expressed through their gruesome appearance and gore. Each type of zombie will move at a different speed. At the same time, the tolerance and the amount of blood vary. As soon as they see the appearance of life, they will rush to attack or use weapons to attack from a distance. Faced with such deadly enemies, you are always in danger. It may cost your life if you can’t destroy it quickly. Not stopping there, sometimes you have to fight zombie bosses. With stats far superior to ordinary zombies.Dead Fire- Zombie Shoot

Staged survival combat

Perform survival missions in the game’s endless mode. Unlock battle stages to test your shooting skills. Without support from teammates or alliances, will have to fight them all alone. Under the first-person perspective to use equipped weapons. Attack the incoming waves of zombies to protect yourself. At the same time, perform specific tasks at each stage. Only by wiping out all enemies on the battlefield can victory be won. From there end the game and get rewarded based on the achievements. It is possible to continue to the battle at the next stage with bigger challenges waiting.Game Dead Fire- Zombie Shoot

Achievements are expressed through the number of stars

Each stage in the game Dead Fire: Zombie Shoot will have 3 specific tasks. Achievements after the end of a stage will be evaluated by the number of stars. Each star will correspond to a mission after completion. Follow that to prove your survival shooting ability. Accordingly, if you want to achieve excellent results in a battle. It is necessary to complete all the missions to get the maximum number of stars. Through that will receive large bonuses, the amount corresponding to the achievements. Moreover, when you accumulate a certain number of stars, you will also receive more money. Helps you to use it in trading activities.Tai Dead Fire- Zombie Shoot

Various missions

Through the war will have to perform a lot of tasks given by the system. For example, shoot to destroy all enemies on the battlefield, kill 2 zombies with a big explosion and end the match with a maximum remaining health rate of 100%. Shoot down 3 zombies with headshot action, use slow boosters, and restore the lost health caused by enemies. There are many other missions that will be opened in turn each time it comes to the next stage. Accordingly, the difficulty also increases with increasing challenges. Even had to fight bosses with powerful attacks.

Diverse gun system

Own a diverse collection of weapons including many different guns. For example MP9, AWP, AUG A3, M2, M16 and many more. Here the gun system is divided into many segments such as machine guns, rifles, sniper rifles, and some others. Each type is designed with a unique design, expressed through the details of the assembly. Moreover, their ability is also evaluated through parameters. Includes damage, crit percentage, rate of fire, reload time, and size. However, to be able to use the weapon you love, in accordance with your playstyle, you need to buy it. By using the bonus earned to buy in the store.Download Dead Fire- Zombie Shoot

Besides the guns used to attack enemies in Dead Fire: Zombie Shoot. It is also possible to use many support devices to solve some difficulties during combat. Includes grenade, first aid needle, and slow clock. Each device will bring its own ability to the battlefield. For example, a slow clock can slow enemies down for a certain amount of time. Or the first aid needle used will restore the lost blood.

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