Dead Cells 2.4.14 MOD Menu VIP, God Mode, Lots of Money, Unlocked, Immobilize Enemy, 1Hit Kill, Lots of Ammo APK
Dead Cells MOD APK 2.4.14

Dead Cells 2.4.14 MOD Menu VIP, God Mode, Lots of Money, Unlocked, Immobilize Enemy, 1Hit Kill, Lots of Ammo APK

By Hai Nam April 6, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Dead Cells
Requires Android 7.0
Publisher Playdigious
Size 860MB
Latest Version 2.4.14
MOD Menu, God Mode, Unlimited Money, Unlocked, Immobilize Enemy, One Hit Kill, Unlimited Ammo
Category Action
Price FREE

Dead Cells at LMHAPKSS is a platformer-style action-adventure game. Along with that is the combination of 2D graphics to recreate a large fantasy space. With the appearance of countless enemies and rife with dangers. Accordingly, you will play the role of a warrior to enter the journey. Go on a survival mission and uncover the unknown mysteries. That process will face many difficulties, even at the cost of life. But there is no choice but to move forward. Show skills to overcome all dangers and go deeper into the adventure. Here the game is engaged in offline mode. With so many unique features on offer.

Download Dead Cells MOD APK – Adventure Combine Action To Uncover Mysteries

Role-play as an alchemist to join the adventure. According to the gameplay, the combination of action and survival takes place. Set in different regions on a mysterious island. Your mission is to discover and learn the unknown secrets. That process will have to travel on roads designed for rugged terrain. Along with the appearance of many dangerous enemies. It is necessary to defeat them with equipped weapons to continue moving forward. Also, collect resources dropped after killing enemies. From there accumulate to use in trading activities, as well as enhance combat ability. Aim to improve the character’s strength to face greater challenges.Dead Cells MOD

Types of Combat Weapons

The course of the adventure can use a variety of weapons. Featuring bows and arrows, blood swords, poisonous fangs, claws, grenades, and more. Each weapon is used to attack in its own way. For example, a bow and arrow shoot arrows from a distance to deal physical damage. Blood Sword can directly deal damage in melee combat. Or grenades are used to throw and create an explosion, thereby causing extensive damage. Causes enemies in the explosion range to lose health, even lose their lives. It is also possible to use pirate weapons such as tridents, and pirate hand hooks. Or sharks to throw and damage.Game Dead Cells MOD

Various locations

The adventure in the game Dead Cells takes place on the island. Also divided into different areas to explore. Includes a laboratory, mausoleum, mythical temple, shoreline, shipwreck, and lighthouse. There are some other places to be discovered after entering the journey. Each location is simulated in a separate space. The design of the terrain and the surrounding environment are not the same. Along with that is the appearance of dangerous enemies to face in each location. Accordingly, to be able to learn about the secret in a place will take a long time.Dead Cells MOD

Meet NPC character, save location

In the adventure uncover the mysteries in the locations. There will be many activities going on and different tasks to perform. Moreover, there is a chance to meet NPC characters at some point. Go through a conversation with them to get help. At the same time, when moving to a certain place and meeting the lantern. Through it save the location, so that you can respawn after losing your life. Instead of starting over, will continue the journey at the point where the location was saved.

Fight many enemies and bosses

From locations adventure is engaged. You will face a lot of different enemies. Examples include monsters, heterosexuals, goblins, and more. Each type of enemy is shaped in its own style. Expressed through appearance and appearance. At the same time they are equipped with weapons for unique attacks. For example, shoot a bow and arrow from a distance or rush to approach and attack melee. Besides, you also have to fight monster bosses when you reach a certain stage. Each boss not only has a large body size but also has superior combat ability.Download Dead Cells MOD

MOD APK Feature of Dead Cells

  • MOD Menu
  • God Mode
  • Lots of Money
  • Unlocked
  • Immobilize Enemy
  • 1Hit Kill
  • Lots of Ammo

To enhance the character’s abilities in the game Dead Cells. In addition to using weapons to attack. Also, have to equip armor to improve stamina. To increase defense stats to withstand attacks from enemies. Furthermore, skins not only improve stamina but can also increase health. As well as changing the appearance to be different from before. However, it should be noted, to unlock new costumes will cost with the resources collected.

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