Dash Quest 2.9.28 MOD Lots of Money, High HP, Skill without CD APK
Dash Quest MOD APK 2.9.28

Dash Quest 2.9.28 MOD Lots of Money, High HP, Skill without CD APK

By Hai Nam April 6, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Dash Quest
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher Trophy Games - Tiny Rails Train Cargo Simulator
Size 44MB
Latest Version 2.9.28
MOD Unlimited Money, High HP, Skill without CD
Category Action
Price FREE

Embark on a classic adventure in Dash Quest. Follow the action gameplay combined with RPG elements. You will become a hero to enter the endless running journey. Aim to overcome dangerous enemies and fight bosses in the final match. Only by winning will there be a chance to uncover the mystery. As well as move on to the next adventure to carry out the assigned mission. The content of the game is played according to an interesting storyline. Your fantasy kingdom is attacked by monster minions. They invaded to carry out a plot to dominate. To prevent that from happening, you will transform into a hero and fight the enemy forces. Defend the kingdom before turning it into their colony.

Download Dash Quest MOD APK – Destroy Monsters Through Lands To Protect The Kingdom

The action adventures take place in a scene-based game. Role-play as a hero to embark on a challenging journey. Move on a straight route to fight dangerous enemies. The hero will automatically move and move forward. At the same time, monsters and minions appear around and will attack directly. To be able to overcome them will have no choice but to attack. Use skills and equipped weapons to deal with the damage. Through the idle touch mechanism, just keep pressing the clicker to attack. From there, the enemies in the way are destroyed to continue the journey.Dash Quest

Defeat bosses to complete a progress

The adventure will take place in each progression in many different environments. In each journey that takes place will have to overcome challenges from attacking enemies. When a certain stage is reached, usually at the final point when the schedule is about to be completed. At this time, you will have to face a monster boss with outstanding combat ability. Show off skills learned during the adventure. As well as attack accurately to deal massive damage and protect yourself. Only when defeating the boss can you complete the quest, ending a journey. At the same time get a large number of resources to use. Then continue the journey to enter the adventure in a new location.Game Dash Quest

The challenge will increase with many changes

Completing a progress in the game Dash Quest will lead to a new location. Continue the previous distance covered, expressed in meters. At the same time, the remaining health from the previous journey will not be restored. Along with that are many changing elements to test the hero’s abilities in the adventure to save the kingdom. The number of enemies increases, will have to fight many monsters on the way. At the same time appear many new enemies, with superior abilities. Especially in the battle with the boss when reaching the final point will become very fierce. Because you will have to face another type of boss with stronger fighting power.Ear Dash Quest

Various locations

The process of performing missions in these journeys will take place in locations. For example green forests, scary cemeteries at night, dark dungeons,s and many more. Each place will be recreated with a different landscape. Expressed through the surroundings, as well as the appearance of enemies. Accordingly, after completing the progress to move on to the next adventure. A new location will open for the hero to continue his journey.

Equip items to improve power

The hero’s ability is shown through the stats. Including the amount of damage dealt, health, movement speed, critical rate and many others. Each stat plays an important role in the adventure process. At the same time, the stats will increase every time the hero rises to a new level. Or through equipping items that will improve combat ability. Includes weapons, armor, rings and necklaces. Each piece of equipment will have many different options to use. Depends on your playstyle, as well as the level the hero has achieved. From there, choose equipment with high attributes to increase power stats. Not only that, but it is also possible to change the appearance and appearance of the hero.Download Dash Quest

In the journey that takes place in Dash Quest. Heroes can learn various skills. For example, healing, increasing attack speed, shooting arrows chasing, freezing, burning,… Much more will be learned when participating in the game. Each skill must be unlocked, through reaching the required level. At the same time, they will bring their own special abilities when used. Freezing, for example, can hold enemies for a short time, rendering them immobile. Or burn, create lava to burn enemies. However, it should be noted that the battle process can only be selected to use 3 different skills.

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