Dash Quest Heroes 1.5.71 MOD Lots of Money, Dumb Enemy, Remove Ads APK
Dash Quest Heroes MOD APK 1.5.71

Dash Quest Heroes 1.5.71 MOD Lots of Money, Dumb Enemy, Remove Ads APK

Written by Hai Nam (2 weeks ago)
Name Dash Quest Heroes
Requires Android 4.4
PublisherYes Games Studio
Latest Version1.5.71
MOD Unlimited Money, Dumb Enemy, No ADS
CategoryRole Playing
Price FREE

Dash Quest Heroes is an action-style role-playing game. Unleash a challenging adventure revolving around the legendary hero. From there explore a vast fantasy world, set in the kingdom of Solas. Accordingly, it will have to perform a lot of different tasks to be able to survive. Fight and survive across locations to stay alive. At the same time uncover the unknown mysteries. Here the game is designed on the basis of pixel graphics. Created by pixels in bright 3D quality. To increase the experience during the adventure. The sound system of the game is simulated vividly. Shown through background music that combines the hero’s sound when attacking enemies.

Dash Quest Heroes – Fight the Enemy with Heroes in Adventure!

Set in the Solas kingdom opens up to many locations. Consists of hidden forests, caves, and attractive hills. This place became the invasion target of the evil Zazu. With fierce attacks from monsters and many dangerous enemies. Causing every area of ​​the kingdom to be occupied by Zazu’s henchmen. To stop the invasion before getting out of control. Many heroes have joined the fight against the enemy. But they were all defeated and unable to complete the mission. Now you will play as a hero to continue the journey. With a mission to protect the kingdom from enemies led by Zazu. Accordingly, they will have to fight and destroy them to be able to complete the assigned task.Dash Quest Heroes MOD

Character customization

Before starting the adventure, you can customize the character with different choices. Includes hairstyle, skin color, and appearance style. Each part has many choices for you to design your character. For example, create a hero with the appearance of a ninja, with white skin and a prominent blonde hairstyle. But besides that, it should be noted, the hero you customize will join the adventure in the early stages. Later, you can unlock the equipment to use, from which the appearance will be changed. Moreover, it is possible to choose the class of characters to fight in their own way. For example magicians, warriors, adventurers, and others. Each class possesses unique attack power to deal damage to enemies.Game Dash Quest Heroes MOD

Adventure mode

Come to the adventure mode of the Dash Quest Heroes game. Join the leveled journey to perform different missions. For example, searching for the queen and rescuing the citizens being captured by the enemy. Breakthrough waves of enemies in stages and wipe them all out. There are many other missions that will be unlocked when coming to the next adventure. Besides, the difficulty of the mission also increases gradually with greater challenges. Have to fight many enemies with overwhelming power. Even face the boss when reaching a certain stage. That will put you in danger, even losing your life if you can’t defeat the boss.Tai Dash Quest Heroes MOD

Dungeon mode and minigames

Besides adventure mode can also participate in dungeon mode and minigames. Each mode opens up different content to experience. In the dungeon, mode takes place the journey to uncover the mystery. Accordingly, you will have to fight countless enemies to gather information. What’s more is the fierce battle with the bosses in the dungeon. They possess outstanding strength and fierce attacks. Besides can participate in minigames mode for entertainment. There are many games such as fishing, archery, and Mine Cart Madness. Each game is not only entertaining but also gives you the opportunity to receive much valuable loot to enhance the hero’s abilities.

Equip items to improve stats

The hero’s strength is assessed in detail through the stats. Includes attack, defense, movement speed, attack speed, and damage when using skills. Each time a new level is reached, the power will increase. At the same time to further improve the hero’s stats. It is also possible to equip different items such as weapons, armor, helmets and rings. Each type of equipment has its own stats. Accordingly, it is necessary to choose to use items with high stats.Dash Quest Heroes MOD

MOD APK feature implemented of Dash Quest Heroes

  • Lots of Money
  • Dumb Enemy
  • Remove Ads

In addition to equipping hero items in Dash Quest Heroes at LMHAPKSS. It is also possible to unlock skills to improve combat power. These can be mentioned as healing, increasing strength in a short time, restoring energy,… and many more. According to the information provided, the game has more than 200 different skills. Besides, there are also more than 40 magic power. After learning to use it in the adventure will improve combat power. Help the hero overcome tough challenges.

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