Dash Quest 2 1.4.07 MOD Menu VIP, God Mod, 1Hit Kill, Unlimited Gems, Unlimited Gold, Unlimited Energy APK
Dash Quest 2 MOD APK 1.4.07

Dash Quest 2 1.4.07 MOD Menu VIP, God Mod, 1Hit Kill, Unlimited Gems, Unlimited Gold, Unlimited Energy APK

Written by Hai Nam (2 weeks ago)
Name Dash Quest 2
Requires Android 4.4
PublisherTrophy Games - Football Manager makers
Latest Version1.4.07
MOD Menu, God Mod, One Hit Kill, Unlimited Gems, Unlimited Gold, Unlimited Energy
CategoryRole Playing
Price FREE

Become a hero in the action game Dash Quest 2. Follow the game’s plot to perform the task of fighting with the enemy. Aim to stop the forces of darkness to protect the world from destruction. Through fierce battles taking place in many different locations. Follow the style of running and slashing to destroy a variety of fearsome enemies along the way. Successfully survive until the endpoint. From there, the assigned mission can be completed. This game belongs to the role-playing genre, combined with 3D pixel graphics. Rely on RPG mechanics to unleash challenging adventures. You will face countless dangers during your mission. Only through overcoming everything can victory be won.

Dash Quest 2 – Action Adventure To Protect The World!

The setting unfolds in a fantasy world. Follow the story of the hero Dash that took place thousands of years ago. Before the fierce attack of the dark forces to invade the world. Purpose rules over people and turns everything into darkness. To prevent their plot from becoming a reality, people have called for help from the hero Dash. Go through the battles and win. Thought everything was over, but the dangers from the dark were still lurking. They brought their fury with the arrival of an army of more fearsome monsters than before. Aiming to take revenge on the old feud and determined to destroy the world once and for all.Dash Quest 2

Run and slash gameplay

Play as a hero who inherited the power of the old hero Dash. Your mission is to fight with the minions and bosses of the dark forces. Through run-and-slash style battles in locations. Accordingly, the hero will automatically move, constantly moving forward in the journey. The process will have to continuously tap to use the equipped weapon and attack. Combine with active skills and support items when needed. Take turns killing each enemy that appears on the road until wiping them all out. From there proceed to the final point and successfully survive. You will complete the task and get a bonus.Game Dash Quest 2

Story-driven quests and rewards

Dash Quest 2 ‘s story-based quest system opens in stages. At each stage, there will be an adventure. Accordingly, the hero will face a lot of different enemies on the way. They are all henchmen of the dark forces. Examples are monsters, bloodthirsty zombies, demons, goblins, and many more. According to the rules of the game, only if the hero defeats them all and reaches the last point on the way. Only then can the task be completed at one stage.

The reward received after completing the adventure is gold coins. Based on the achievements achieved at the participating stage will receive the corresponding amount of gold coins. Moreover, when meeting the given conditions, you will receive a gold star. Make it possible for you to get more random rewards to use. Includes money, energy, or healing items.Ear Dash Quest 2

Face more challenges and dangerous bosses

Every time comes a new stage to continue the adventure to protect the world. Will face greater challenges in the course of the mission. Show through dangerous enemies in greater numbers than before. As well as the appearance of many new enemies with superior abilities. From combat power to health and stamina. Put the hero in danger when faced. Not stopping there, sometimes to a certain stage still have to face the boss. This is a big challenge, which can cost the hero his life if he can’t beat the boss.Dash Quest 2

Go through stages of fighting enemies in Dash Quest 2. Heroes will receive experience points to accumulate. When you meet the requirements, you will get to a new level. From there can learn many new skills to use in the adventure. There are many different skills here, they are actively used. Each skill when used will help the hero perform a unique attack. For example, creating killing intent to deal damage to multiple enemies at once. Or increase movement speed when performing fast slashing action. Moreover, creating a large pillar of fire to burn many enemies. Many other skills will be discovered when participating in the game.

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