Dark Hunter: Idle RPG 1.0.12 MOD Lots of Money APK
Dark Hunter: Idle RPG MOD APK 1.0.12

Dark Hunter: Idle RPG 1.0.12 MOD Lots of Money APK

By Hai Nam April 7, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Dark Hunter: Idle RPG
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Loongcheer Game
Size 1.06GB
Latest Version 1.0.12
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Role Playing
Price FREE

Based on the idle action gameplay of Dark Hunter: Idle RPG. Role-play as a hero to join the battle in the dungeon. The game’s fantasy storyline unfolds the matches. Follow the idle mechanism in the form of a continuous press to perform an attack action. There is no energy limit when using skills, as well as complex manipulations during the game. Moreover, it can be experienced completely for free, through offline mode. Besides, there is a challenge from dangerous enemies in the dark dungeon. With a series of difficulties waiting ahead. They will even face danger, at the expense of their lives. Can you complete the mission of a hero or not?

Download Dark Hunter: Idle RPG MOD APK – Fight the Devil Through Wars To Protect The World

The story unfolds in a vast fantasy world. The forces of darkness appeared, leading the demons from hell to attack people. The good things that had been seen before, have now turned into a tragedy of doom. Countless people died as a result of their attack. But in return is life for those who stay. However, the disaster shows no sign of ending. Because only when the demon dominates the world can it stop. But that also means humans have to become henchmen. Preventing that from happening requires hero support. You are the world’s last hope to save this deadly tragedy.Dark Hunter Idle RPG

Quests by combat level

Role-play as a hero to participate in the battle against the forces of darkness. The only choice to protect the world is to destroy the fearsome demon. Through level-by-level battles. Each battle corresponds to a level, opening up many different stages. Each stage will spawn a limited number of monsters. To win and finish the match. You need to pass each stage in turn until wiping out all enemies. From there will complete the quest in a level and get the reward.

Rewards received after winning include upgrade items. Moreover, if you are lucky, there is a chance to randomly receive equipment. This is the loot for you to use for the hero. From there, it will strengthen its superior combat ability to be able to continue its mission. In order to prevent more fearsome demons waiting ahead.Game Dark Hunter Idle RPG

Difficulty increasing

Take to the next level on your way to save the world in Dark Hunter: Idle RPG. The difficulty of the mission will increase with more challenges waiting ahead. Accordingly, there will be many changes that make you difficult. From the appearance of monsters and demons with superior abilities. Until the battle stage will increase. Moreover, you have to face the appearance of bosses at certain levels. Relying on strength beyond ordinary demons. The boss can take a hero’s life easily. But in parallel with the increasing difficulty, the reward received after winning will be much more valuable.Tai Dark Hunter Idle RPG

Many enemies and bosses

Here will have to fight a lot of different enemies. They are all fearsome minions under the control of the dark forces. Examples include monsters, demons, dry skeletons, and more. The difference between them is not only reflected in their intimidating appearance. It is also judged by attack power, health, and stamina. Accordingly, the boss has the ability to outperform normal enemies. Not only the parameters of power but also the size is larger.

There are 6 character classes

Go on a hero’s quest in Dark Hunter: Idle RPG. You can choose to play as one of six different character classes. Consists of warriors, archers, magicians, knights, beastmen, and necromancers. Each character class is shaped in its own outstanding style. The difference between them is shown in their fighting strength. With the attack skill set shown in the fight. You can develop skills in separate branches to fight enemies and bosses.Download Dark Hunter Idle RPG

Based on the hero impersonated in Dark Hunter: Idle RPG. Through battles against the demons of the dark forces. From there, you have the opportunity to collect hundreds of costumes, and thousands of different pieces of equipment. They can be used to equip heroes. Includes hat, armor, belt, pants, shoes, ring, necklace, amulet, and weapon. Each piece of equipment will have many options. The difference between them is expressed through specific indicators. At the same time, when used will increase the strength of the hero. Besides, it is also possible to upgrade each piece of equipment to increase stats.

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