Dark Days Zombie Survival 2.0.4 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money APK
Dark Days Zombie Survival MOD APK 2.0.4

Dark Days Zombie Survival 2.0.4 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (1 week ago)
Name Dark Days Zombie Survival
Requires Android 4.4
PublisherAzur Interactive Games Limited
Latest Version2.0.4
MOD Menu, Unlimited Money
Price FREE

Open up a huge world in the action game Dark Days Zombie Survival. The content revolves around survival activities in the face of harsh environmental conditions. Also, get the scary Zombie theme. Promises to bring an extremely attractive adventure. The game is built in a survival style. Combined with the shooting element. Your mission is to collect resources and build a shelter. Learn about the apocalyptic story after the appearance of an unnamed virus. The goal of existence, bringing with it the hope of opening a new world. A series of unique features are provided by the publisher Azur Interactive Games Limited. Recreate a scene based on the original graphics. Along with the designed environment sharp image quality.

Dark Days Zombie Survival – Survival in the harsh conditions of the post-apocalyptic environment!

The story of Dark Days Zombie Survival is about the change of Earth. A deadly pandemic emerges for no apparent reason. It is only known that it was transmitted by a virus, causing humanity to be almost wiped out. This leads to fierce wars for survival. Because human civilization has been destroyed. All infected people after losing their lives will become bloodthirsty zombies. They look for living prey to attack, to spread the virus. Make all cities in the world drown in Zombies. To prevent that, governments have sent their armies to drop bombs on infected sites. But everything was too late because the pandemic was out of control. Now, the Earth is standing on the edge of doom.Dark Days Zombie Survival

Build shelter

Play as a lucky survivor of the pandemic. Start participating in survival in the game Dark Days Zombie Survival. With a variety of different tasks to perform. Build a safe haven to rest. Escape from the pursuit of zombies when attacked. As well as storing collected resources to use in many survival activities. To build a base, it is necessary to move to the location first. Then collect natural resources like wood, stone, and metal. From there you can start building. Starting from an old wooden house, which was heavily destroyed. You need to clean up, renovate, and craft facilities. Over time survival, it is gradually possible to create a large shelter. Bring safety when hiding inside.Dark Days Zombie Survival

Fight with zombies

Throughout the time of survival in Dark Days Zombie Survival. A vast world with countless dangerous challenges. Zombies appear randomly anywhere. They will quickly rush to attack, to take your life. There is no other choice but to fight. Only when killing Zombies will you save your life. It is possible to continue a life of intense survival in a post-apocalyptic environment. By using the equipped weapon to attack. Combine flexible moves to dodge. Moreover, sometimes even face Zombie bosses in 1vs1 battles. Possesses abilities that surpass ordinary zombies. If you are not careful, you will easily lose your life to the onslaught of Zombie boss.Game Dark Days Zombie Survival

Blood factor and health

Based on survival activities, along with zombie battles in Dark Days Zombie Survival. You need to pay attention to the factors that affect the character. The amount of health will be gradually reduced each time the character fights with Zombie. When nearly exhausted, it is necessary to use first aid items to heal. In addition, the character’s health must be monitored through the amount of food and water. From survival activities like searching for resources. Or simply move through many different locations. Health will decrease gradually over time. When health is exhausted, it will not be able to work effectively. At this point, you can use drinking water and food like meat. Or items leftover from humanity. From there, you can recover to continue performing the survival mission.Ear Dark Days Zombie Survival

Possess a diverse equipment system. Includes many different items to equip the character. With a large number of weapons of Dark Days Zombie Survival. You can choose to fight in your own style. For example, using a gun to shoot, with the advantage of a long-range attack. Can do great damage to quickly kill zombies. Or use knives, swords, and axes for melee attacks, with high flexibility. Besides, it is possible to change the appearance of the character. Through defensive equipment such as backpacks, hats, armor, shoes,… After equipping, also increases the combat ability, as well as the amount of blood. From there, it will increase the survival rate in the process of survival in the post-apocalyptic world.

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