Dance School Stories 1.1.49 MOD Unlimited Tickets/Items APK
Dance School Stories MOD APK 1.1.49

Dance School Stories 1.1.49 MOD Unlimited Tickets/Items APK

Written by Hai Nam (2 hours ago)
Name Dance School Stories
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher Crazy Labs by TabTale
Size 58M
Latest Version 1.1.49
MOD Unlimited Tickets/Items
Category Role Playing
Price FREE

Join Dance School Stories and fulfill your passion for dance. It is an immersive and immersive experience that allows you to become a true artist. You can take dance training sessions on campus, followed by periodic competency assessments. Play hard in your practice room to level up your dancing and become the most talented girl in school. Besides learning, there are many other interesting stories outside of school. A guy is paying attention to you and asking you to join him at his concerts. Sounds really tempting, doesn’t it? But what is the truth behind it? Uncover the mysteries in the game and make wise decisions for the college life you’ve always dreamed of.

Introduce about Dance School Stories – Become a shining star in your university!

Have you ever dreamed of dancing and a career as a star? Dance School Stories will lead you to the dream world and fulfill your passion. You started your dancing career at a prestigious university. You have passed the rigorous selection and been accepted to become a student here. But that’s just the beginning. Dozens of challenges are waiting for you in the following days, which can be intense training sessions, difficult tests, and many other troubles. Show your patience and hard work to get through it all. Just click to play, but the experience is truly immersive and it’s unbelievably realistic.


Participating in training and performing on stage

After you receive the news that you have passed the prestigious dance school, you need to prepare many things for the upcoming college life. First, you can choose your favorite class, be it ballet dance, hip hop dance, jazz, Latin dance, and more. Each subject has its own characteristics, so the curriculum will be more or less different. So think before choosing to really have a favorite immersive experience. The curriculum will begin the first week. You will take dance training classes with an instructor. She will do the dances first, then your turn. Just click on the movement icons to perform the dance and show your good memory.

After a few training sessions, you will have to pass a competency test. It is not too difficult to pass but requires memorization and wisdom to get the maximum score. You will perform a sequence of dance moves on demand by combining the skills learned. Be creative in your way to have impressive performances in front of the judging panel and many other friends. During the performance, don’t hesitate to add amazing lighting and color effects. You can unlock more vivid effects to catch all eyes.


Design the character’s life

Besides school hours, Dance School Stories also gives you other interesting activities. You can design your own life with choices. Specifically, you can choose your hairstyle, outfit, shoes, accessories, etc. to your liking. Customize a variety of combinations to impress others in your performances. You need to have a good aesthetic ability to design characters. There are dozens of items in the store, but you need to choose what’s right for the show. A cool pair of jeans if you dance hip hop or a flowing skirt if you dance ballet.

In addition, you may face a lot of trouble in school after hours of practice. A hot guy is deliberately flirting with you because you’re the hottest girl in school right now. So, what would you do in that situation? You would agree with him to join the upcoming couple performance, right? Get to know him well before making a decision. Rumor has it that he has a lover and that she is your biggest rival in dance class. Choose to deal with bad situations that come your way. That way, you decide what kind of person you will be to build your personal image.


3D graphics with a funny cartoon style

Everything comes to life with high-end 3D graphics. Character images are described in a sharp cartoon style, creating a sweet and seductive beauty. Besides, they also have smooth movements when dancing. The game scene changes flexibly, allowing you to experience a variety of immersive experiences in many different locations such as the training ground, stage, restroom, dining room, locker, and more.

Dance School Stories will make you unable to ignore great role-playing gameplay. It vividly simulates your life as a schoolgirl with a burning passion for dance art. Play hard to pass the tests and upgrade your skills. And don’t miss these fun activities to find your love in school.

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