Cube Surfer! 2.7.2 MOD Unlimited Gems, Remove Ads APK
Cube Surfer! MOD APK 2.7.2

Cube Surfer! 2.7.2 MOD Unlimited Gems, Remove Ads APK

Written by Hai Nam (17 hours ago)
Name Cube Surfer!
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher VOODOO
Size 120MB
Latest Version 2.7.2
MOD Unlimited Gems, No Ads
Category Arcade
Price FREE

Cube Surfer! gives you simple and fun challenges right on the vertical screen of your phone. It includes hundreds of levels built with super easy-to-play control mechanics. You just swipe on the screen to control the cubes and overcome obstacles along the way. If you can reach the finish line, your reward is a lot of diamonds. With idle gameplay, at what point does this game excite you? That’s thanks to the cute visual design and colorful background. Moreover, music with soft and clear rhythms also contributes to relaxation. But don’t think that everything is always slow and easy. The challenge gets bigger as you advance to new levels. So, how many levels will you pass? Let’s explore the game and score your record here.

Cube Surfer! – Idle action gameplay with a fun design!

If you have ever played games from the publisher Voodoo, you will see Cube Surfer! have many similarities. It still builds on idle gameplay mechanics, simple visuals, and a dense level system. Although nothing too new, this game is still addictive for many players. It will also engage you for hours of gameplay with typical obstacle course challenges. The game screens are carefully designed and change flexibly through the levels. There will be no overlap between the next two levels, so the game always creates something new in your puzzle journey.


Overcoming challenges

Basically, the game consists of hundreds of different levels. At each level, your task is to control a cube to overcome challenges and reach the endpoint. To do this, simply swipe left or right. But you need to swipe wisely to dodge obstacles or minimize losses. Any collision with an obstacle, you will lose your cube count. And if you lose everything, you will stop and have to start again from the starting line. On the contrary, if you keep enough cubes to the last point, you will have a chance to get a lot of precious diamonds and also titles on the leaderboard.

The arrangement of obstacles on the way at each level is different. It can be oddly shaped blocks, speed bumps, roadblocks, lava, water, and more. For the best results, you need to avoid these. However, in some situations, you cannot completely avoid the collision. But you can choose the path with less loss. Besides, don’t miss the cubes along the way to refill the amount to make up for the loss. Some other support items also help you a lot, such as magnets, supply stations, diamonds, and more.


Unlock unique skins and maps

There are quite a few unique skins in Cube Surfer!. You can open them using diamonds earned after each level. Skins include many types, such as watermelon cubes, dice, sandwiches, etc. They have no special skills to help you play better. But of course, with a new skin, you will find more excitement with every movement along the way on each level. Furthermore, you can unlock new looks for your main character. Make him stand out a little more with unique outfits.

Besides the above interesting things, you also have the opportunity to witness new things in the game scene. The scene will dynamically change through the levels, from blue sky scenes to cloud areas, skyscrapers, and more. Along with the change in the context, the color of the frame, the running track, and the obstacles are also different. This creates harmony in the experience space, thereby helping to relax the eyes and stimulate creativity in players. This little bit of sophistication is enough to show the thoughtfulness in the design of this game.


Funny sounds, close images

Each of your obstacles will be accompanied by fun music. They help you relax and stay alert and focused to conquer any challenge. The images of obstacles, characters, and backgrounds are all very friendly and designed with colorful colors. The movements on the go are quite smooth, creating a refreshing feeling every time you play. Everything is in order to provide a light, joyful experience and suitable for stress relief.


So, are you ready to participate in the obstacle course? Cube Surfer! will challenge you with obstacle missions that are both fun and difficult. Show the flexibility of your fingers as you swipe across the screen to control the cubes. You need to work hard to get to the end and get the well-deserved loot.

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