Criminal Files  – Special Squad 8.2 MOD Unlocked Levels, Remove Ads APK
Criminal Files  MOD – Special Squad MOD APK 8.2

Criminal Files – Special Squad 8.2 MOD Unlocked Levels, Remove Ads APK

Written by Hai Nam (18 hours ago)
Name Criminal Files MOD – Special Squad
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher HFG Entertainments
Size 79MB
Latest Version 8.2
MOD Unlocked Levels, No ADS
Category Adventure
Price FREE

Criminal Files – Special Squad is a detective game. Open the investigation of the mysterious deaths, caused by criminals in the city. This is one of the puzzle adventure-style building games. Incorporates escape gameplay based on an engaging story. Challenging puzzles are waiting for you to solve. Through the investigation, a mission is to find the most correct answer. As an assistant of a secret agent assigned a special responsibility by the organization. The game builds on many interesting features. With lots of logic puzzles for you to explore and hundreds of different levels to play. According to the publisher provided, to learn the entire plot content. It takes more than 30 hours of gameplay to fully explore. At the same time, you also have to make money in the process.

Introduce about Criminal Files – Special Squad – Investigate Cases To Find The Correct Answer!

The story of Criminal Files – Special Squad revolves around Mr. Erving. As a spy of a special organization, tasked with investigating cases. With murders and unsolved mysteries. The government has assigned spy Erving 5 unsolved cases. Including finding out about the death of a sprinter. Revealing the cause of death of a colleague. The managing director cannot control his actions. Rescue the arrested agent and ultimately a murdered female victim. Join the game, you will become an assistant to spy Erving. Start scouting missions to collect items. Through that will solve the mystery and find the final answer. Bring the killer to light to face justice and the law.Criminal Files – Special Squad

There are 101 levels, and more than 250 challenges

Follow the mission to play Criminal Files – Special Squad in story mode. There are a total of 101 different levels for you to explore. Along with more than 250 puzzles that take place, with logic built according to the storyline. Play as a manager to find items. You will have to collect the evidence to complete the mission. Each level that opens will require different conditions. After passing the challenge to complete a level play. From there will collect gold stars and receive bonuses. Continue the quest to step into a new level of play. The difficulty will increase, taking place in a different environment. At the same time, the evidence in each investigation activity of a case will increase. Need to search and collect in more quantities than before.Game Criminal Files – Special Squad

Puzzle quests in many styles

During the investigation mission in the levels of Criminal Files – Special Squad. The scene unfolds in many different locations. As well as puzzle activities will be built in many styles. For example, solve puzzles by finding items that correspond to the letters. Collect objects according to the logic of the context. Solve hieroglyphic codes to find the correct object. There are many other puzzle missions that will be opened every time you enter a new level. Each mission will bring its own challenges. Accordingly, the amount of money received will correspond to the difficulty of each challenge. At the same time, the investigation tasks and evidence collection will take place in real-time. Try to complete it as soon as possible to achieve excellent results.Tai Criminal Files – Special Squad

Skill, magnifying glass

To complete the puzzle missions, find the answer to each case in Criminal Files – Special Squad. Requires player skill, incorporating logic in each story. Observe the surrounding environment, and how to arrange the position of objects. Use logic and brain to find different evidence. Deep chain them together to give the most correct answer. It doesn’t stop there, in some levels takes place. Unable to find a solution to continue investigating the case. Everything seemed to have come to a dead end. At this time, the support of the item can be used. It’s a limited edition magnifying glass. Immediately after use will help you to solve the puzzle. Find the answer to continue investigating in the next missions.Introduce about Criminal Files – Special Squad

To recreate the most realistic investigations. Bringing all players when participating in Criminal Files – Special Squad is an attractive experience. Graphics have been simulated in 3D. Recreate stories in multiple locations. With cases to investigate, different items need to be collected. Incorporate characters’ conversations to help you better understand the content. Along with that is gentle background music. Shown throughout the investigation of the cases. Make you feel more interesting, not bored after a while.

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