Introduce about Cover Action APK 10.2 for Android
Cover Action: FPS Battle Games MOD APK 10.2

Introduce about Cover Action APK 10.2 for Android

Written by Hai Nam (4 hours ago)
Name Cover Action: FPS Battle Games
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Hazel Mobile Games
Size 90MB
Latest Version 10.2
Category Action
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Price FREE

Perform army commando missions in Cover Action game. The game is built in the style of action shooting. Open dramatic battles on the vast battlefield. The content revolves around the attack of special forces soldiers and counter-terrorism forces. Your mission is to destroy all dangerous enemies. Complete secret commando missions to get rewards. Here, to recreate a real battlefield. In addition, 3D graphics are used, along with vivid sound effects. The game is also set in a dusty desert town. With difficult challenges waiting ahead. In parallel, the control mechanism is used simply. When participating, it will be easy to perform your own combat actions.

Introduce about Cover Action – Shooting Battle Between Rangers and Terrorists!

Build gameplay in offline mode. With the activities taking place, the experience is completely free. Cover Action game promises to bring exciting battles. The content revolves around the fighting between two forces. Including commando squad and terrorist corps. Based on real-time shooting gameplay. The shooters will compete with each other on the battlefield. Use the equipped weapon as an attack tool. Aim to shoot down the enemy to win. From there, you can prove your skills. As well as performing the tasks of their own forces. More special is a multiplayer offline game. Besides you, every other shooter will be controlled by the intelligent AI system. With skills and impressive attack style.Cover Action

In Real-time, the process takes place

The gameplay of Cover Action takes place in real-time. Extensive fighting style combo. With the participation of gunmen on the vast battlefield. They can move freely to execute their own strategy. Use a variety of weapons to attack. Aim to take the enemy’s life to win. Each battle takes place between opposing factions. Forces of each faction will attack each other to destroy. Through intense shooting activities. After the time is up, based on the number of kills achieved. From there will divide to find the final winning team. Also, receive a monetary reward. The amount of money will correspond to the achievements achieved during the battle. It is possible to use them to perform trading operations.Introduce about Cover Action

Shooting and observation skills

Throughout the duration of the mission on the dusty battlefield of Cover Action. The attack was extremely violent. To be able to destroy the enemy force, take the enemy’s life. It will require really accurate shooting skills. Combine with many different factors for high efficiency. Observe the surrounding environment to detect enemy positions. Move flexibly to constantly change the appropriate strategy. Collaborate with teammates to create a smart strategy. Use weapons flexibly and suitable for each attack style. Quick reflexes, handling dangerous situations. For example, when the enemy attacks fiercely, take advantage of the surrounding terrain. Hide in safety to escape death. Moreover, constantly improve your skills to be able to achieve excellent results.Game Cover Action


Play as a gunman in Cover Action. You can use many different weapons. The game offers a diverse collection of weapons. Including guns such as rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, shotguns,… Each gun has its own specifications. Includes damage dealt when hitting an enemy. Range of action, reload time, and maximum ammo count. At the same time, they have an impressive design. In addition, there are a number of other support weapons. Dagger with melee attack ability. Approach enemies silently to kill them, without making a sound. Or use grenades to create an explosion in a wide range. From there, it can cause many enemies to lose blood if standing in the explosion range of the grenade.Ear Cover Action

The control interface of the Cover Action game is designed to be intuitive. Use different icons arranged accordingly. In order to optimize so that all players can use it easily. To perform moving operations on the battlefield. You will control the virtual moving icon displayed in the left corner of the screen. Likewise, the right corner shows the attack icons. For example, jump up, change magazines and change guns. Depending on the activity taking place, appropriate use will achieve high efficiency.

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