Cool Goal 1.8.40 MOD Lots of Money, Coins APK
Cool Goal MOD APK 1.8.40

Cool Goal 1.8.40 MOD Lots of Money, Coins APK

Written by Hai Nam (4 days ago)
Name Cool Goal
Requires Android 5.0
Latest Version1.8.40
MOD Unlimited Money, Coins
Price FREE

Cool Goal is a free-kick-style soccer game. Played in offline mode to challenge your skills. The game opens up levels with different situations taking place on the field. From there execute shots with unique curves with the aim of getting the ball into the net. Join the game to become a free-kick player. Your task is to adjust the angle and shoot the ball into the opponent’s net to score. From there complete the mission and move on to the next level situations. But not only that but through the free-kick situations, there will be many different obstacles. Those are the obstacles that need to be overcome because they interfere with the way the ball goes into the net after the shot.

Cool Goal – Soccer Free Kick With Different Situations!

Based on the content of the game is inspired by the sport of football. Your only task in these situations is to score. Accordingly, you will play the role of a player standing on the field in a free-kick situation. Adopts intuitive control mechanism to adjust the angle of the ball direction. Supported by a precise line feature that the ball will follow after the shot. From there, you can determine the direction and angle to take the free kick. At the same time, it must be ensured that no collision or impact on the opposing team’s players or obstacles. Because that will cause the ball to change its trajectory and not be able to fly into the goal. That will cause the free kick to fail and have to restart the situation.Cool Goal MOD

Quests by level

Implement free-kick situations according to the game’s soccer theme. Through the mission system according to each level. Along with that are different challenges to test your skills. Each level opens up a free-kick situation in its own way. Shown through the position of the ball, the opponent’s goal in many directions, and the presence of obstacles that hinder. Accordingly, you have to adjust the angle of the ball exactly. Then control the player to make the shot so that the ball flies in the specified direction. After the ball flies into the net will score the goal, and also complete the task in a level.Game Cool Goal MOD

Many ways to have gold coins

The reward received after completing a task at Cool Goal at LMHAPKSS is gold coins. Depending on the difficulty of the task will be received money with the corresponding amount. Moreover, it is possible to get more gold coins through the reward levels. There are no obstructions here. Instead, a large number of gold coins appeared. Along with a limited number of shots to 3 times. Through that perform each shot in turn with the goal of collecting more gold coins. There is also a daily login bonus. From there, a large amount of gold coins will be accumulated to be used for unlocking and trading activities.Tai Cool Goal MOD

Difficulty increases with many changes

Every time comes the next free kick level of the game. There will be many variables to test your free-kick skills. Show through obstacles arranged to interfere. Or at the goal there will be a goalkeeper guarding. Moreover, there are many other players forming a defensive line. Making it difficult for you to choose the angle to shoot the ball to score. Besides, each new level can also be divided into many different situations. Each situation will have a change of positions on the field. Makes it hard to score in situations in a level to complete a mission.

Multiple locations according to their own environment

Going through the levels when reaching a certain stage will have the opportunity to explore new environments. The free-kick situations don’t just happen on the pitch. It is also recreated on the sandy beach, in the green forest, and on the roof of a high-rise building. Each location will be simulated with different landscapes and environments. Shown through obstacles that interfere with the free-kick operation. For example, on a sandy beach, you will have to shoot the ball through skateboards, couches, and obstacles from cheering girls.Cool Goal MOD

MOD APK feature implemented of Cool Goal

  • Lots of Money
  • Unlimited Coins

Use the money earned to shop in the game’s store Cool Goal. Accordingly, it is possible to change the appearance of the character. Through different costumes such as soccer players, ironman, witches, es and many more. Besides, you can also use the money to buy new balls. With variety like football, rugby, billiards, baseball, basketball, and more. Each type of ball will be shaped with its own unique color and design. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the price of each type of ball, as well as the costumes. Each type will have a different price, there are some high-end types that will require a large amount of money to be able to buy.

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