Cooking Fever 21.1.0 MOD VIP, Lots of Money, Coins/Gems APK
Cooking Fever MOD APK 21.1.0

Cooking Fever 21.1.0 MOD VIP, Lots of Money, Coins/Gems APK

Written by Hai Nam (4 days ago)
Name Cooking Fever
Requires Android 4.4
Latest Version21.1.0
MOD VIP, Unlimited Money, Coins/Gems
Price FREE

Cooking Fever Mod APK 21.1.0 brings you to a world of culinary fun like never before. Here, you will be an all-round chef with professional cooking skills. At the same time, you are also the sole manager of your dream restaurant. You will serve customers with their favorite dishes like pizza, hotdogs, coffee, juices, fresh ice cream and more. Make sure you create the requested dish within the given time to keep your guests happy. They will not wait for you too long and will only pay an amount corresponding to their feelings about your culinary service. So, check how well you will manage. Earn money from delicious food and service faster than ever, why not? Don’t forget to design and upgrade your restaurant to attract more customers.

Introducing the game Cooking Fever – The hottest cooking simulation of all time!

There are countless culinary games on the market, but Cooking Fever is still one of the hottest names. It has attracted hundreds of millions of players thanks to its addictive simulation gameplay. It gives you the opportunity to become a chef and culinary restaurant manager. There, you can unlock hundreds of recipes and famous places to travel to and spread your cuisine. Furthermore, the game will challenge your management skills from managing customs to managing restaurant furniture. But these jobs will help you relax all the time. Fun images and bright music will stimulate the excitement and creativity of every chef here.


Serve diners with your delicious dishes

The chef’s main job is to create delicious dishes and serve diners. But compared to reality, the gameplay of the game is much simpler. You just touch the screen to select ingredients, then process, cook, decorate and serve customers. At first, these things are quite easy because there are quite a few customers coming to your shop. You just need to relax with idle “clicking” operations and earn a small amount of money. But take advantage of the money you earn to develop and upgrade the restaurant. Do you want more customers to make more money? So, expand your restaurant scale, unlock new delicious recipes and serve faster to satisfy every customer.

Each diner has different requirements for delicious dishes. But you don’t need to remember these requirements because they are always displayed on the screen. The most important thing is that you must manage your time effectively to meet the needs of all diners. Each customer only waits a certain amount of time. If you don’t create something delicious during this time, don’t even think about getting paid. As the restaurant gets more crowded, time management becomes more difficult. You have to be quick, quick-eyed and know how to allocate tasks so that everything runs smoothly.


Upgrade and design your dream restaurant

To make more money from your chef job in Cooking Fever APK + MOD , you need to upgrade the restaurant in many aspects. Firstly, you need to unlock many new recipes to reach more customers. There are more than 1,000 dishes and more than 300 types of ingredients to cook with. So it’s easy to satisfy your culinary passion. Second, you need to upgrade the restaurant’s design, expand its scale and improve service quality. You can shop for new furniture, including tables, chairs, wall and floor paint colors, decorative items, and more.

Besides, think about upgrading kitchen appliances to improve cooking speed. Maybe you need a pizza oven, rice cooker, popcorn maker, coffee maker… with better quality over time. Do everything to get better every day by effectively investing your cash flow. You also have the opportunity to meet new customers and unlock famous places around the world to travel to. Go to different countries to promote Indian, Chinese, and more dishes. From desserts to fast food and traditional delicacies are all available for you to explore.


Fun cartoon design on 2D background

Like many other cooking games, this game is designed on a 2D cartoon-style graphics platform. It vividly and visually describes the kitchen space in your restaurant. You will see ingredients, kitchen utensils and hundreds of beautiful delicious dishes. Besides, your diners are funny characters with diverse appearances. They can be students, teachers, businessmen, office workers and more. The restaurant space is also designed quite realistically. You will see it change with each upgrade and redesign.

MOD features are available in Cooking Fever APK!

Below are the MOD APK features included in the Cooking Fever 21.1.0 version that LMHAPKSS shares with you:

  • Lots of Money
  • Many Coins/Gems
  • Unlock them all

and Install Cooking Fever MOD APK 21.1.0 (VIP, Lots of Money, Coins/Gems) For Android!

So what else do you hesitate? and Install Cooking Fever MOD right now, the super vip mod version with full features such as unlimited money to experience this top-notch cooking game. Immerse yourself in wonderful hours of relaxation with cooking and restaurant management. You can become the most famous chef and richest manager in the city. Countless delicious dishes and unique decorative items are available for you to explore and see.

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