Color Dunk 3D 1.2.14 MOD Unlocked APK
Color Dunk 3D MOD APK 1.2.14

Color Dunk 3D 1.2.14 MOD Unlocked APK

By Hai Nam April 6, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Color Dunk 3D
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Hypemasters, Inc
Size 36MB
Latest Version 1.2.14
MOD Unlocked
Category Sport
Price FREE

Color Dunk 3D is a great basketball shooting game with simple but addictive mechanics. It gives you hundreds of pitching levels with increasing difficulty over time. You can enjoy the splashes with cool effects on the colorful city background. Just swipe and release to make those throws, simple right? But you will find it more difficult when there are more obstacles in your throw. Try to align the shot correctly to get the perfect shot and score the ball into the basket. You can unlock the most beautiful balls to throw after each level. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to travel around the world to play football in many famous cities.

Download Color Dunk 3D MOD APK – Simple basketball game

Color Dunk 3D is a sports simulation game, specifically basketball. But you don’t need a lot of players or a ton of cumbersome rules. You also do not need to learn how to pass the ball and steal the ball from the opponent, simply throw the ball into the basket MOD APK – the final stage of a basketball turn. It’s so simple that anyone can play it without any training. But you will see how addictive it is when you experience it for yourself and explore hundreds of amazing levels here. The challenge with increasing difficulty is also what inspires you. Don’t underestimate the simple pitching, you can get in trouble when there are dozens of obstacles around.


Enjoy colorful throws

The gameplay of the game is really simple. You just swipe your finger on the screen and drag it back to adjust the direction of the ball. When you reach your desired throw line, just release your finger to throw. A perfect throw will help you score points and lots of bonuses. After that, you will come to a new pitching challenge until you have completed them all and conquered a level. Next, you will participate in a wheel of fortune to receive a free gift. It’s a new basketball with a unique look that you can add to the next level. There are hundreds of such levels with diverse challenges, but the gameplay mechanics remain the same.

Of course, at higher levels, the challenge will be more difficult. You can throw more balls, throw longer distances, or encounter more obstacles located in the pitching area. Then you need a better strategy to score points. Ideally, you should spend a lot of time adjusting the direction of the shot because this is the basis for achieving the perfect shot into the basket. You can also take advantage of obstacles to change the pitch of the ball, depending on your strategic vision. Diverse challenges will create newness for each level. And with just simple gameplay mechanics, this game also easily captures your interest in the long run.


Loads of beautiful skins

There are hundreds of unique skins to unlock in Color Dunk 3D. Skins are mainly balls with different colors and skin tones. Besides, there are also other impressive skins such as a watch, wheel, shoe, helmet, gloves, and more. You have the right to receive any skin after each level as a reward for your victory. You can also upgrade the skins you have to give them better shape and speed. Each ball has dozens of levels to level up. You need to spend money if you want to improve its level.

Travel to many places

You can play football in big cities all over the world, believe it? Each level will lead you to any place, be it London, Tokyo, Miami, Shanghai, and more. Each city will be designed with a different background and themed colors. So you will have a chance to see many new views with new training courts, new baskets and other unique details such as buildings, parks, streets… Don’t miss your chance to visit many places and Show your shooting skills.


Simple but unique design

Everything in this game is quite simple but delicate. The game background is the basketball courts in the air with bright and elegant colors, helping you to relax your eyes while playing. Besides, music with soothing melodies will help stimulate your concentration. Basketball balls with unique skins are also addictive in this game. The ball throwing operations are also very smooth, creating a refreshing swipe feeling. Every time the ball enters the basket, you can enjoy eye-catching effects.

All in all, Color Dunk 3D is a pretty cool sports game. Although it possesses simple gameplay, this game still creates a surprising attraction. You will have the opportunity to explore hundreds of basketball levels by just swiping on the screen. But swipe wisely to create the perfect throw direction and get high achievements. You can challenge your friends with your achievements.

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