Clone Armies 9022.17.06 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money blue coins, unlocked all, no ban APK
Clone Armies MOD APK 9022.17.06

Clone Armies 9022.17.06 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money blue coins, unlocked all, no ban APK

By Hai Nam April 19, 2024 (4 hours ago)
Name Clone Armies
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher Elecube
Size 143MB
Latest Version 9022.17.06
MOD Menu, Unlimited money blue coins, unlocked all, no ban
Category Action
Price FREE

Clone Armies brings you into epic strategic battles with cloned troops. You will become the commander of the legion, able to decide for yourself the strategy and everything in battle. Duplicate your troops and bring them into battle with continuous attacks. It can be foot soldiers, soldiers with guns, tanks, planes, and more. Each unit gives you its own advantages, but what is the perfect combination to create a powerful army? It depends on your strategy. Observe the battlefield to devise a suitable tactical plan. Your goal is only one, that is to destroy all enemies to win. But the way to play is very diverse, depending on your strategic vision. Get ready to rush into battle.

Download Clone Armies MOD APK – Addictive military strategy gameplay

Clone Armies is a game for those who love the military strategy style but do not like the cumbersome storyline. At the beginning of the game, you can immediately start a war without having to find out what it is. Your goal in the battle is to defeat the enemy army to win and receive rewards. Only like that, each fight is independent and can start anytime you want. But to unlock a new war, you need to prove your level by winning. The farther you go, the stronger your opponent is. But you can play the same war over and over again. So there is no end, defeat is the beginning of a new war and you have more experience.


Join exciting battles

The game has many modes, but the most typical are story mode and 1v1 mode. In the first mode, the game offers a series of level battles. Your opponents are AI but they have an admirable strategic vision. You need to show your progress to conquer as many wars as you can. It’s also a place to practice and try new strategies. Meanwhile, in 1v1 solo mode, you will have the opportunity to compete with friends. Your opponent will be on the same level as you, so the fights are always in balance. Playing with real people is always more fun, but you will play harder.

In the battle, your job is to build and control your legion to defeat the opponent. You will start with a single soldier, yourself. Then, if you kill any opponent, you will get a bonus. You can use the bonus to clone yourself and create new units. They will accompany you in the battle with your leadership. If you die, you can respawn many times and continue to clone to create a large army. However, quantity must go hand in hand with quality. Your army needs to include many different forms to help you diversify your fighting style. Your opponent has the same advantages as you.


Unlock and upgrade dozens of soldier units

There are many types of units in Clone Armies. You can recruit them all to the battlefield if you have enough money. It can be a regular soldier, a sniper, a rifleman, a tank, a giant, a robot, a helicopter, a jet, and more. Each unit has its own characteristics, but the stronger the unit will require you to pay more to clone. Besides, you need to know how to combine different types of units in the fight. You don’t need normal minions too much, save money to clone snipers or tanks instead.

After each battle, you will receive well-deserved bonuses and titles. You can use the money to upgrade your units, helping them to gain better power. Each unit has a different number of levels, such as 1, 5, and 10 levels. You don’t need to upgrade each unit’s stats, just level up to improve overall strength. Over time, you also have the opportunity to access many new units. It’s something that’s useful to give you the edge in increasingly difficult battles.


Fun design, vivid effects

You will enjoy the super fun cartoon design in this game. Everything is designed on a 2D platform but with high sharpness and realism. The prominent colors in the game are blue and red, representing two different teams in the fight. The battlefield context is also quite diverse and contributes to the strategy in each war. Meanwhile, combat effects such as shooting, dropping bombs, and sound from aircraft engines… are also very vivid.


MOD APK Feature of Clone Armies

  • MOD Menu
  • Lots of Money
  • Unlimited blue
  • Unlimited coins
  • Free shopping
  • unlocked all, no ban

Don’t miss the epic military battles in Clone Armies. It will help you train your commanding ability through battles with increasing difficulty. Show your strategic talent to clone and build a powerful army with great power. You need strategy more than skill, but make sure you know how to shoot to lead the army.

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