Clean Road 1.6.51 MOD Unlimited Coins APK
Clean Road MOD APK 1.6.51

Clean Road 1.6.51 MOD Unlimited Coins APK

Written by Hai Nam (4 hours ago)
Name Clean Road
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher SayGames Ltd
Size 35MB
Latest Version 1.6.51
MOD Unlimited Coins
Category Simulation
Price FREE

Do you want to try your hand at snow removal? Clean Road is the place that allows you to become a giant snow removal driver and perform fun street missions. Your job is to cross the obstacles on the way to make way for the cars that are stuck inside the house by the previous night’s snowfall. You will become their savior just by driving and clearing snow. But dozens of challenges will make it difficult for you to do this job. Those of you can upgrade your cleaning truck to be able to cross any terrain. Many beautiful roads filled with straw and white snow are waiting for you to clear. Get ready to be the best snowman or a great racer.

Introduce about Clean Road – Learn how to become a snowman on the street!

In places where heavy snow is frequent, snow removal has also become a profession. And now, you will experience this work in the game Clean Road, a simple and idle simulator. It consists of hundreds of levels with snowy roads that need to be cleared. And you become the person in charge of all the road clearing work with just one snow plow. You can go everywhere and lead other cars across the road and complete the level. But then new challenges come with higher difficulty, challenging your skills and patience. How far will you go on this snow removal journey?


Drive and clear the snow from the road

At each level, your task is to drive a snow plow and cross the snowy traffic roads. Other cars are stuck on both sides of the road because of the heavy snow. And by clearing the snow out of the way, you’ll help them get back to their daily routine with ease. You will be paid for that after leading the cars out of the required length of the road. And you can be a rich snowman if you have the patience to play hundreds of levels like that. Everything seems easy, but the reality will make you think again. There are dozens of obstacles along the way and you have to drive wisely to dodge them all.

The operation is quite simple, you just need to touch and swipe on the screen to control the car through the snowy roads. But with snow in the way, the car’s speed will decrease and the wheels will be more slippery. Besides, the random appearance of cars, obstacles, pumpkins, and more along the way will cause you to encounter dozens of obstacles. If you collide with them, you will be slowed down and create a chain of collisions with the cars behind. Therefore, the best way is to drive skillfully and choose the right path. The more cars you save and the longer you survive, the bigger the bonus will be.


Unlock new cars and maps

The challenges in Clean Road will be increasingly difficult. The thickness of the snow will be greater and more obstacles and more cars will need to be saved in the levels. Then, if you want to get an advantage, you need more powerful snowmobiles. Go to the store and choose such cars. You can also upgrade your old car to improve its speed and durability. Each purchase and upgrade option requires a fee. Therefore, you should play hard to accumulate gold coins for shopping delight. Driving a new vehicle also gives you plenty of inspiration on your snow removal journey.

Over time, the map of the game will change dynamically through the levels. You will see the snowy roads turn into golden straw roads. The obstacles also become more diverse, including giant bosses. You can also find a wide range of car models with styles from classic to modern on the street. The landscape around the two sides of the road is also increasingly diverse. You will see fields, houses, cities… covered in white snow in winter or green grass in spring.


Fun and bright cartoon design

The game will help you relax with the bright landscape according to the cartoon design. Meticulously designed and detailed cars stand out on snowy roads. Besides, the engine sound is also very lively. The context is flexible, the music is light and joyful. All are in harmony with each other, creating a poetic scene that you cannot ignore.

So, are you ready to join Clean Road ? Snow storms are likely to give you a hard time as they cause snowy roads. Drive the coolest snow removal vehicles to help residents get on the road and keep working. You need to show your agility in handling the obstacles along the way. Cross the obstacles or crash into them? Find the right solution to continue your snow removal journey and earn well-deserved bonuses.

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