Clash of Legions 1.901 MOD Menu VIP, Unlimited Coins, Gems APK
Clash of Legions  MOD APK 1.901

Clash of Legions 1.901 MOD Menu VIP, Unlimited Coins, Gems APK

Written by Hai Nam (3 weeks ago)
Name Clash of Legions
Requires Android 4.4+
PublisherMega Combat Studio
Latest Version1.901
MOD Menu, Unlimited Coins, Gems
Price FREE

Clash of Legionscso has a way to play, the mode of operation is quite similar to a tower defense game. As we know it. For a tower defense game. Then the player’s task when participating in the gameplay is to build a battle strategy. Simultaneously combine and operate flexibly the two elements of defending and attacking the enemy. Basically, players when participating in this game need to have quick thinking and strategy. Handling situations, attacks from the enemy. You don’t need to build defensive towers or anything. Build those that produce soldiers. From there build a battle formation. Defend the attacks as well. Wait for the opportunity when the enemy is weak. Launch a counterattack that makes the enemy unable to react. That’s the basic gameplay. You can also transform, have your own strategies.

Clash of Legions – Build an unbeatable fighting army!

If you are a fan of medieval movies. One thing can be clearly seen. Graphics and images of Clash of Legions are very similar to those in the movie. But this gameplay is equipped with some mythological elements, only in fantasy. Create more new things for players. The battle will take place between two factions against each other. It is between the good side and the evil side. Each match you will enter a different faction. Say the good side and the bad side so that we can easily distinguish. This is actually a war between two countries. Each country has a king at the top. You are the most powerful person in that country. Command your army to fight, protect the territory of your country. Don’t give anyone the opportunity to infringe on your national sovereignty. This battle with the participation of many players around the world.

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How to play Clash of Legions

Enter the match. Your army will be stationed in the left corner of the screen. When you first enter you will only have one command house. Here you can build more houses to spawn battle armies. Many different types of troops for you to choose from. And drag to the right corner of the screen about half a mile, you will see the enemy base. Below you will see a series of cards. Those are the types of troops you are. These cards will show the parameters of each type of army, number, weapon, level, etc. You can customize the battle strategy by changing the cards. Along with that are the weapons that can be equipped for the army. Bows, swords, axes, cannons, etc… Many different weapons for you to choose from, building unpredictable transformation tactics.

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Diverse army

The army has many different types of troops. You can freely build tactics, transform according to each match. Your army is full of weapons, Elves, Dwarves, Valkyrie, cannons or magic crossbows, Ghost trees, etc… Flexible use of races. Bring out the full power of each as you use it. To do this, you need to have a thorough understanding of the parameters of each type. The system has full details in the information section of the master. Take your time and learn about the characteristics of each one. Each race will carry magical, physical, critical, etc. strength, etc. Build a team that combines types to create unique, boundless power.

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Conquer the lands

Clash of Legions has many different lands for you to conquer. But that said, conquering or not is another story. It’s not easy or simple at all. If you do not have enough resources, the strength of the army is not really great. Then the invasion of new lands has a very high failure rate. Because each land will have a ruling country. If that country has weak forces, do not say. But that country has powerful forces, weapons, and abundant resources. You will be very difficult to invade. On the contrary, it was counterattacked, causing heavy losses. So make a plan, a specific strategy every time you intend to expand the territory.

Clash of Legions mod apk

When reading this article and looking at the photos from Clash of Legions. I am sure you will not be too impressed with this game. Because of the attractiveness, the most interesting things of the game. When experiencing new can feel the most clearly. In a chaotic battle between thousands of different armies. To win, players need to have a quick-thinking strategy. Affirm your talent and strength.

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