City Island 3 3.6.0 MOD Unlimited Cash, Gold, Unlocked the island APK
City Island 3 MOD APK 3.6.0

City Island 3 3.6.0 MOD Unlimited Cash, Gold, Unlocked the island APK

Written by Hai Nam (6 hours ago)
Name City Island 3
Requires Android 4.1
Publisher Sparkling Society - Build Town City Building Games
Download 139
Size 50MB
Latest Version 3.6.0
MOD Unlimited Cash, Gold, Unlocked the island
Category Simulation
Price FREE

City Island 3 will satisfy your construction passion. It is an amazing 3D simulator that allows you to build your own city from hundreds of unique buildings and decorations. Just choose and place them wherever you want according to the planning scheme you come up with. It could be a high-rise building, factory, mall, and more. Combine buildings to create a town and then a dream city. Moreover, you need to build roads and develop transportation to promote the economy and happiness of residents. Over time, you can unlock dozens of new islands. Each place has its own beautiful landscape to make you unable to take your eyes off.

City Island 3 – Build affluent and rich islands!

The first two parts of the City Island simulation game series have attracted millions of players around the world. But now, City Island 3 will be the most outstanding experience with a series of improvements and additions. The construction simulation experience is now more immersive and realistic than ever. It is a place for you to unleash your creativity in designing, building, and implementing modern city development strategies. There are dozens of quests every day to keep you busy. But they bring joy and inspiration as you can collect many buildings, accumulate currency and unlock dozens of beautiful islands. This construction journey will not stop at any limit of time or space. Feel free to build until you are satisfied with its beauty.


Express your creativity

At the beginning of the game, you get a fairly large empty land. But of course, there’s nothing on it. You get a small amount of money and gold, but enough to buy some small buildings. Let’s start from there to go up, develop the empty land into a village, then a town, a city, and a rich metropolis. It is a long journey, going through many stages and requiring great investment. Your small works will generate revenue for you to accumulate, reinvest and gradually upgrade your city. Just like that, your city is getting richer and more modern, leading to the living needs of the increasingly crowded population.

But to build a city, you need a specific plan. First of all, think about how to plan the city in the most reasonable way. You can then proceed with the construction in sequence from area to area. You will gradually add residential buildings, high-rise apartments, hospitals, shopping malls, supermarkets, monuments, airports, industrial parks, and more. Each building has its own function, contributing to serving the needs of the population. The higher the level, the more profit they generate. Over time, you can expand the city in size. Let’s combine the neighborhoods into the city to make more space for many new constructions.


Develop infrastructure, unlock new islands

City Island 3 is not a mere builder. It allows you to create a city, a real virtual world. That is, there, buildings are not only created to be viewed but also to perform their function. And to promote these functions, you need to build proper infrastructure. In order for factories to deliver products to supermarkets, markets, and shopping malls, you need to build roads. To bring residents to many places, you need a system of airports and routes. Besides, you should also develop railways, waterways, and more to create a complete transport network. Then, everything will run smoothly and according to the rules, thereby promoting economic development and creating job opportunities for residents.

Over time, you gain access to new islands. The nature of the islands is different, there are places where the land is covered with white snow, and there are places where the desert is dry. Therefore, depending on the conditions of each place, you will need different development strategies to build the city. However, the rule is always the same. You will go from nothing and go through many stages to build a modern city. Try to collect gold, cash, and pirate chest to do it.


Amazingly realistic 3D design

The game will make you overwhelmed by the true beauty of everything. It depicts buildings, streets, backgrounds… extremely vividly from a third-person perspective. You can see every single building, vehicle, street, factory, and more in your city. They display intuitively and realistically, not much different from real life. Moreover, soft and joyful music will inspire your long building process.

City Island 3 won’t let you down with a construction simulator that couldn’t be better. It is a great experience for you to build the city and witness its tremendous growth through the stages. Not just one, but dozens of different islands to explore. Furthermore, there are hundreds of unique items to unlock and add to your city.

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