Christmas Cooking 1.9.8 MOD VIP, Lots of Money, Unlocked APK
Christmas Cooking MOD APK 1.9.8

Christmas Cooking 1.9.8 MOD VIP, Lots of Money, Unlocked APK

Written by Hai Nam (4 days ago)
Name Christmas Cooking
Requires Android 4.4
Latest Version1.9.8
MOD VIP, Unlimited Money, Unlocked
Price FREE

Enjoy Christmas with the new cooking craze in Christmas Cooking

Are you ready for the epic Christmas party?

Become a talented chef in Christmas Cooking, an explosive cooking game on mobile phones. Immerse yourself in the world of Christmas cuisine with thousands of exciting cooking challenges.

Cook main dish or dessert?

You will be free to create traditional Christmas dishes with unique decoration styles. Discover hundreds of new secret recipes in each level.

Serve customers and become the most professional chef! ‍

The Christmas cooking fever is waiting for you to discover. Download Christmas Cooking now and bring everyone a warm and delicious holiday season!

Christmas Cooking – Transform into a talented chef, conquering diners

The Christmas food craze is blowing up across town, promising unique taste experiences and promising business opportunities. Participating in this Christmas cooking competition, you will have the opportunity to become a talented chef, conquer diners with delicious dishes and earn impressive profits.

Journey to conquer Christmas Cooking:

  • Start with a free food truck: This is your mobile “kitchen” where you can unleash your creativity and prepare unique Christmas dishes.
  • Learn cooking secrets: Participate in professional cooking courses, hone your skills and create your own unique culinary style.
  • Serve customers: Welcome diners to your food truck, introduce and serve them delicious, attractive Christmas dishes.
  • Expand your culinary “empire”: Use the money you earn to expand your business scale, invest in larger stores, and attract more potential customers.

Unlimited possibilities:

  • Taste of Christmas: Unleash your creativity with countless traditional and modern Christmas dishes, giving diners unique and memorable culinary experiences.
  • Learning journey: Continuously learn and hone your cooking skills, improve food quality and attract more loyal customers.
  • Business opportunity: Expand business scale, develop your own culinary brand, become the “king/queen” of Christmas cuisine in the region.

Participate in this Christmas cooking competition to satisfy your culinary passion, affirm your cooking talent and achieve resounding success!


Creativity Challenge

More than 1,000 dishes are waiting for you to discover on your journey to conquer diners’ taste buds! Start with simple dishes like pancakes, juices, hamburgers, and gradually progress to sophisticated traditional Indian and Chinese dishes. The rich menu also includes snacks, desserts, pizza, popcorn, fresh ice cream, cakes,… freely satisfying the most gourmet diners.

Be creative as a talented chef, meeting all customer requests. Quickly go to the kitchen to prepare delicious dishes in the shortest time, ensuring freshness and beautiful presentation to receive a noble 5-star rating.

A series of exciting challenges await you:

  • Grasp the diverse needs of diners
  • Manage cooking time effectively
  • Conquer challenging grilled dishes
  • Decorate dishes beautifully and attractively

Coming to Christmas Cooking, you will be immersed in a colorful culinary world where your cooking talent will shine. Get ready for the journey to conquer diners’ taste buds and become a talented chef!


Non-stop Upgrades in the World of Christmas Cuisine

Christmas Cooking brings you the journey to conquer more than 1500 levels with burning Christmas cooking enthusiasm. Starting from level 1, you will gradually upgrade and unlock countless new dishes, making the restaurant menu rich and attractive to diners.

The journey of culinary discovery does not stop at diverse recipes. You can also unlock modern kitchen appliances, from stoves, ovens to cups, plates,… to enhance your cooking experience.

The game has no time limit, allowing you to freely immerse yourself in the world of Christmas cuisine anytime, anywhere, even offline.

In particular, join exciting online events to win exclusive rewards such as special food, Christmas costumes and furniture.

The more delicious dishes you have, the more customers you attract, and your profits will increase significantly. Use the money you earn to unlock new restaurants and expand your own culinary empire.

Christmas Cooking – Where cooking passion blends with Christmas joy!


The secret to attracting diners in Christmas Cooking

Attracts diverse diners

The world of diners in Christmas Cooking is colorful with unique personalities, from a cool rocker girl, a tough doctor, a busy businessman to a group of naughty students. Each diner has a unique preference for your delicious dishes. Conquer their taste with skilled cooking skills and fast service speed.

Enhance your experience

The secret to attracting diners in Christmas Cooking lies in satisfying their diverse needs. Use support tools to speed up cooking, unlock new recipes and create unique, attractive dishes. Don’t forget to upgrade the restaurant to bring the best experience to diners.

Helpful advice :

  • Note the unique taste of each diner: Each diner has his own preferences about food. Observe their requests carefully and respond as accurately as possible.
  • Use support tools: Upgrade your kitchen and cooking utensils to shorten cooking time and unlock new recipes that attract diners.
  • Create an impressive atmosphere: Decorate the restaurant beautifully, creating a cozy and cheerful atmosphere to attract and retain diners.
  • Interact with diners: Communicate openly and friendly with diners to create a good impression and encourage them to come back next time.

By applying the above tips, you will attract more customers, expand your restaurant reputation and achieve success in Christmas Cooking. Make your restaurant a favorite destination for all diners!


Bright Christmas in a cozy kitchen

Bright colors of Christmas:

Entering the Christmas kitchen space, you will be overwhelmed by the bright colors everywhere. The festive joy is clearly present in the diners’ costumes, in each sparkling piece of furniture and decoration.

Christmas flavors from around the world:

Immerse yourself in the vibrant Christmas atmosphere through unique dishes inspired by different countries. Each dish is beautifully presented, arousing your interest and stimulating your taste buds.

Experience exciting cooking:

Let upbeat Christmas music lead you on a fun-filled cooking journey. Cook delicious dishes with friends and family, share exciting stories and enjoy the cozy atmosphere of the festive season.

Christmas in the kitchen is the perfect combination of colors, flavors and music, bringing you unforgettable experiences.

Christmas Cooking MOD APK Features

  • Lots of Money
  • Full Money
  • Max Level Already Available

So are you ready for cooking in Christmas Cooking MOD APK 1.9.8? The Christmas cooking fever here will make you unable to take your eyes off the screen. There are thousands of recipes and fun levels waiting for you. Just click on the screen to cook, serve customers and earn more money. Do you want to do this now? The game is now available and free to download to your phone.

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