Caves Roguelike MOD Lots of Money APK
Caves (Roguelike)  MOD APK

Caves Roguelike MOD Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (16 hours ago)
Name Caves (Roguelike)
Requires Android 4.1
Publisher 36dev
Size 32MB
Latest Version
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Role Playing
Price FREE

Caves (Roguelike APK is a strategy role-playing game with roguelike style and pixel art graphics. It takes you on a journey to explore the classic dungeon, where hidden treasures and countless mysteries. You will play the hero with excellent fighting and crafting skills. You have to help him overcome the toughest challenges to go far in this adventure. Each level is an adventurous journey. By overcoming it, you open up a new journey, while being upgraded to progress and become stronger. Find the resources you need to craft weapons and equipment, and accumulate gold coins. Many bosses are waiting for you somewhere in the dungeon. Moreover, the story will get more and more interesting the further you go.

Caves (Roguelike APK – Exploration adventure in the Dungeon world!

This game has simple and idle gameplay but is highly tactical. So get ready with wise plans and intentions before starting it. Here, the dungeon scene is vividly depicted. It includes many large areas randomly designed so that your experience stays fresh every day. Even if you fail and have to start over, the game world is always changing. The layout of the caves, resources, terrain, and enemies is always something new with every turn. Besides, the further you go, the more new things open up and surprise you. You will have to upgrade over time to complete the missions, especially the wars with increasing difficulty. See how far you can go.


Against the Dungeon enemies

Basically, the game is an endless and unlimited adventure journey. Your mission is to explore the dungeon and its mysteries. On this journey, you will not avoid wars. Your enemies can be skeletons, mutants, robots, and many strange creatures. You will have turn-based wars with them and you need to win to continue your journey. In the battle, your task is to control the character to move and attack. Even though it’s just tapping and clicking on the screen, you need an effective strategy. Move wisely to dodge attacks from enemies, and deploy skills at the right time to take down the enemy.

To fight, of course, you cannot lack weapons. You can use hammers, swords, guns, bombs, and more to attack your enemies. At the same time, you need to upgrade your hero with the necessary equipment to improve stats such as strength, melee ability, rangeability, mobility, and more. Upgrading is necessary for you to gain an advantage in increasingly difficult battles. After each victory, you will receive well-deserved loot to continue to progress and go further.


Build, craft, and explore

There are dozens of types of resources available on the map of Caves (Roguelike APK. It gives you the chance to craft tons of weapons and gear at your crafting station. Diversify your weapon collection with bows, daggers, guns, energy swords, magical superweapons, and more. They will help you gain an advantage in battles with dungeon bosses. Besides, you can also craft high-tech armor. They have the ability to protect your hero for better defense against fierce attacks from enemies. Look for ways to upgrade your crafting station to get better capacity day by day.

Besides, over time, you can expand your journey to infinity. The game world is increasingly open with new areas and new mysteries. New areas will contain new valuable resources. At the same time, you can find new stronger enemies that can make your exploration difficult. But the further you go, the higher your level. At that time, the hero’s chance of survival is greater. So when you can survive long enough, your journey will be easier.


Classic pixel design, vivid effect

Graphics are a highlight of this game. It is designed in pixel graphic style, highlighting the classic and dark beauty typical of the dungeon fantasy world. However, against that dark background, other details come to life with vibrant colors. Every movement and skill of the hero is quite intuitive. The combat effects are quite eye-catching, highlighting the typical turn-based battles. Moreover, the shapes of items such as weapons, equipment, and resources… are displayed realistically on the dark background.

Caves (Roguelike APK will not disappoint you with its engaging strategic role-playing gameplay. Come and go on an unprecedented adventure in the dungeon world with your hero. Mining, crafting, combat, and adventure are all in it. Do everything in your way to survive and go as far as you can.

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