Catomic 1.5.8 MOD Lots of Money APK
Catomic MOD APK 1.5.8

Catomic 1.5.8 MOD Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (3 days ago)
Name Catomic
Requires Android 4.1
Latest Version1.5.8
MOD Unlimited Money
Price FREE

Catomic is a match-3-themed puzzle game. But the content is played out in a completely new style. Different from the match-3 games on the market. Instead of collecting enough items as required to perform the task. Here you will have to merge cats of the same type to evolve them. Thereby, creating distortion species with a larger degree. For the purpose of research and development journey into space. From there help them operate the ship to fly into space. Explore the stars to be able to fulfill the dreams that cats desire. This game is played in offline mode. Can experience it for free with many interesting features. Along with that are the impressively designed graphics and image quality to enjoy.

Catomic – Help Cats Fulfill Their Dreams of Conquering Space!

The story of the game revolves around the journey of cats. They are doing research to conquer space. Through sending signal stations into space or sending ships into space. Not stopping there, their dream is to create a commercial airline. It is possible to send cat breeds into space to uncover mysteries. Based on that will have to go through a long process. The development in turn in stages to be able to create a vehicle capable of flying into space. Through that will have to do a lot of different activities around the match-3 puzzle theme.Catomic MOD

Match-3 puzzle

Unlike other match-3 puzzle games. Instead of opening puzzle levels to perform the task of collecting a sufficient number of items as specified. Here you will have to merge 3 or more similar cats to evolve them. At the same time, there is only one task in the puzzle process. Will take place on a square piece of land subdivided into 36 cells. Accordingly, the system will randomly generate a cat or support item. From there you can choose to place freely anywhere in an empty square. To create a new cat species it is necessary to merge 3 similar species. Through the arrangement, 3 species appear on 3 squares next to each other.

The process takes place

Follow each cat’s evolutionary level in the Catomic puzzle game. Starting from a bottle of milk, merging 3 bottles will create a kitten. Then continue to evolve to create a school cat, an even higher level is a graduate cat. Continuing the journey after graduating from university will enter a new phase. It is to build a number of structures and utilities to prepare for the journey into space. At each stage of the cat is a level, based on the match-3 puzzle gameplay to perform. Through this, you will have to take turns evolving to create higher-level cats. Thereby helping them fulfill their dream of conquering space. Explore planets other than Earth by sending instruments into space.Game Catomic MOD

Catch a rat

The process of developing cats to help them achieve their dreams. There will be the appearance of destructive rats. They move freely at each turn of the puzzle making it difficult for you. Because the mouse not only occupies the square but can also prevent you from solving puzzles in some situations when necessary. Accordingly, they will have to be locked in an iron cage to limit their movement, by placing cats around. Moreover, catching 3 mice will make them freeze, as well as increase the area to continue solving the puzzle. There are extra squares for you to place cat breeds and not be deterred.

Randomly generated turn-based gameplay

Follow the match-3 puzzle gameplay that takes place in the course of the mission. Each turn, the system will randomly generate a cat breed with a different level. Accordingly, you need to observe to place the appropriate position with the cat breeds on the squares. Make sure to bring 3 cat breeds of the same type close together to evolve to a new stage. Besides, if the land contains too many cats, it is not possible to merge them. You can also use the gold you earn to directly buy cats in the shop. From there, combine with cats of the same type to develop.Ear Catomic MOD

In addition to categorical evolution activity in the Catomic. As each turn takes place, you will have the opportunity to receive support utilities. Can be used directly to solve problems in the puzzle process. For example, the magic hat has the ability to disappear cats on a square. The work counts the number of puzzles from 99 to 0. Or the iridescent stone is of high quality and very rare. They can directly evolve cats at locations close to each other but with gaps. There are a number of other utilities that will be explored in detail when participating in the game.

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