Catapult King MOD Lots of Money APK
Catapult King MOD APK

Catapult King MOD Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (16 hours ago)
Name Catapult King
Requires Android 4.1
Publisher Wicked Witch
Size 198MB
Latest Version
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Puzzle
Price FREE

Catapult King is an interesting puzzle game with simple and addictive gameplay mechanics. It includes hundreds of different levels with increasingly difficult challenges, promising to inspire you for a long time. At each level, your mission is to bombard the castles of the fire dragon and rescue the princess. Just swipe on the screen to adjust the firing direction and enjoy the spectacular explosions in the first-person perspective. Not only puzzles, but the game also takes you on a beautiful 3D fantasy adventure journey. Vast fields, castles, magical lands, and more will enchant you with their classic and magical beauty. Do not hesitate to explore the game and challenge yourself on the fun shooting game screen.

Catapult King – Puzzle gameplay with simple touch mechanics!

Catapult King is considered to have gameplay quite similar to the popular Angry Birds game series. But it has many new and creative points of its own, thanks to which it still attracts a large number of fans. This game is built on a simple stone shooting mechanism, quite similar to the slingshot mechanism in Angry Bird. It includes a diverse level system based on specific contexts and plots. The game takes place in an epic land. The princess of the kingdom has been captured by the fire dragon and is currently guarded inside stone castles. The Nasty Knights are helping the dragon hold the princess. And your job is to defeat them to enter the castle. Take action and become a true righteous knight with just one finger of yours, why not?


Explore hundreds of exciting levels

So far, the game has more than 100 challenging puzzle levels. The difficulty of the levels will increase gradually as the level progresses. At each level, your task is to defeat all the knights and their defenses. To do this, you just need to learn how to use the available catapult. Just swipe on the screen to adjust the firing direction and force. Then, release your hand to shoot at the target when you feel everything is right. If your bullets hit the target, you will enjoy a great break with eye-catching effects and ear-splitting sounds. But if you shoot wrong, don’t worry too much because you can continue a new shot. As long as you don’t miss too many bullets, you can still win.

Each type of ammo will have its own uses. Therefore, you can choose a bullet suitable for the situation before each level. Besides, after each victory, you will accumulate any type of ammo and bonus. You always need powerful ammo to deal with increasingly solid constructions. At each level, the map will be changed and there is almost no overlap. Therefore, you should observe the battlefield first to choose the right ammunition and have a wise shot. Castles of wood or stone are not your problem.


Unlock new ammunition and maps

There are dozens of different bullets in Catapult King and each type of ammo will have its own effect. For example, you can use fire bullets to burn wooden castles, magic bullets to hypnotize soldiers, a tornado to wash away all buildings… Also, you will find a variety of ammo types. more like rockets, globes, slingshots, ice bullets, and more. If you want to explore more, visit the shop and unlock new ammo with a magic potion. But remember, your shooting skills are most important to maximize the power of each bullet.

In addition, the game has many unique maps to explore. A collection of different maps creates a diverse and magical fantasy world. It can be green highlands, desert lands, valleys at night, epic castles, and more. Each place is designed with a detailed landscape and beautiful colors. In particular, the layout of the enemy’s defense on each level and each map is different. Therefore, you will always feel new in your journey.


Enjoy the magical 3D world

The game is designed on a cartoon-style 3D graphics platform. It highlights the magical and poetic beauty of the fantasy epic land. With a first-person perspective, you will have the opportunity to admire that beauty visually. Moreover, this perspective also gives you a realistic role-playing feeling like a real stoner knight. The crash effects and the sound of the shot are all very lively. These create great attraction in each puzzle level.


So, Catapult King is always an interesting choice to play on the phone. Come and explore more than 100 unique levels with simple and addictive rock shooting mechanics. Adjust the firing direction and deliver unique bullets to the right target. And what you see are eye-catching colors and effects. Not only that, but this game is also an inspiring adventure journey for you to explore.

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