Cat Spa 3.5.6 MOD Lots of Money/Apples APK
Cat Spa MOD APK 3.5.6

Cat Spa 3.5.6 MOD Lots of Money/Apples APK

Written by Hai Nam (2 weeks ago)
Name Cat Spa
Requires Android 6.0
Latest Version3.5.6
MOD Unlimited Money/Apples
Price FREE

If you feel sore from working all day, go to the cat massage parlor in Cat Spa. This is a pet-themed idle simulation game that promises to delight you with its adorable visuals, soothing music, and loads of other things. Here, you will be the manager of the massage parlor. Your job is to hire cats to serve your customers. They can do a variety of things from massaging to haircuts, massages, and more. Of course, they will help you to profit from this interesting way of service. Make all your customers happy no matter who they are. Don’t forget to decorate your massage parlor to attract more guests.

Cat Spa – Build and manage a cat spa salon!

Sounds strange, doesn’t it? But the cat spa salon is completely real in this game. At the beginning of the game, you only have a single cat employee and a few “apples” in your account. Your job is to manage them to serve customers who come to the store and make a profit. Just like that, you can continuously upgrade and expand your spa salon. You can hire more cat staff, expand your shop space, unlock decorations, and more. What could be better? The four-legged animals will keep you entertained all day as you hang around in the fun spa salon.


Design your spa salon your way

Do you have an idea to design your spa? This game allows you to be creative to build your dream spa salon. There are hundreds of pieces of furniture available in the store. You need to pay for apples and some other currency to shop for them all. You can find in the store familiar items such as televisions, tables, sofas, electric lights, paintings, photographs, rugs, and more. Take them back to your shop and arrange them wherever you want. With a beautiful design, your spa salon will attract more customers. Moreover, it will make you enjoy being there every day.


Customer service

In the spa shop, you are the manager so there is not much to do. Your job is to manage the cat staff system to serve customers and make a profit. Customers will flock to your shop regardless of day or night. They can be cats, dogs, bears, frogs, and more. Whoever they are, you need to please them to earn apples, which you can use to pay for your purchases. To satisfy customers, you need to ensure speed and quality of service. Please grasp customer needs, purchase necessary tools and immediately arrange service staff.

Some of the popular needs in Cat Spa are massage by massage, facials, haircuts, and beauty treatments. So you need specialized items to perform these services. In the store, you will find Grapefruit Oil, Happiness Oil, Baby Oil, Warm Stones, Pink Salt, Coconut Oil, Facial masks, and more. These are oils used for massages and beauty masks. In addition, you also need to prepare scissors, combs, and more to serve the trimming service. Do everything to make your customers more beautiful and comfortable.


Cat staff management

The entire staff in your spa salon are funny cats. Each cat will take care of its own tasks and help you enjoy the relaxation as the boss. You can hire masseuses, barbers, cleaners, pianists… They will work non-stop to take care of customers every time they ask for it. However, each cat will have its own rest schedule. You need to add new employees and allocate a reasonable work schedule.

Over time, you will expand your spa to serve more customers. At that time, you also need new employees to speed up the service. Furthermore, don’t forget to upgrade your employee system by clicking on “Promote”. The cats will work faster to make you money faster. In addition, the game also allows you to unlock many new customers. They are very cute animals.


Super cute and funny pictures

This game will delight you with a series of lovely images. It is pictures of animals from wild to pet. Thanks to that, you will find a sense of closeness when enjoying this game. Besides, the animals also have many funny expressions and actions. Take a look at their relaxed faces while being massaged and trimmed. Moreover, you will enjoy this experience in the background of soft and relaxing music.

So are you ready to take over the cat spa salon? Cat Spa will make you happy to enjoy it all day. Work hard with the cats and grow your spa salon. The cats will serve customers with massages, haircuts, and more. Your job is to manage and upgrade them to speed up the service. Moreover, you are the designer of the entire spa salon. Let’s make it the most beautiful place in the cat city.

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