Cat Snack Bar 1.0.112 MOD Menu VIP, Money, Cooking Price x9999 APK
Cat Snack Bar MOD APK 1.0.112

Cat Snack Bar 1.0.112 MOD Menu VIP, Money, Cooking Price x9999 APK

Written by Hai Nam (1 day ago)
Name Cat Snack Bar
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher TREEPLLA
Size 111MB
Latest Version 1.0.112
MOD Menu VIP, Money, Cooking Price x9999
Category Simulation
Price FREE

Do you want to run a restaurant run by animals? Cat Snack Bar game will satisfy you with an interesting experience. The content revolves around the business of animals. Accordingly will be served by cute cats. The goal is to maintain and develop, turning the original small restaurant into a large empire. From there increase revenue and profit to make a lot of money. Make yourself the richest boss in the simulation game of publisher TREEPLLA. The game is played in offline mode, with features provided for free. Accordingly, you will accompany the cats in your restaurant. Welcoming and serving animals to enjoy food and drinks.

Introduce about Cat Snack Bar – Manage Cat Restaurant With Business Activities!

Become a manager to grow a cute cat restaurant. Start work from a small counter on the large land on the road. The chef cat will work continuously to cook delicious food. To serve the customers who come to enjoy. From there will earn income accumulate. As a manager with the task of building and expanding from a small counter into a large restaurant. You will have to do a lot of different management jobs. Provide business strategies to match the growing restaurant model. Also, use the money to invest in improvement and upgrade activities. To create a source of passive income over time to own a huge amount of assets.Cat Snack Bar

Cat customer service

Started a small business in the neighborhood store. One by one cute cat will come to your stall. They will place orders with specific dishes. After receiving it will have to conduct cooking, to serve customers in the fastest time. Note that cat customers should not wait for a long time, because that will make them unhappy. Even will leave after a long wait and still have not received the requested food. On the contrary, if you help your customers feel satisfied when they come to the store. After receiving your favorite dish soon, they will pay to help you increase sales.Game Cat Snack Bar

More and more customers come

Over time restaurant development in the game Cat Snack Bar. Try to serve well to get satisfaction from the cat customers. It will help your place of business be known to many other cats. From there attract them to the restaurant to enjoy the food. The number of customers coming is more and more than before. This will keep the service staff on the job. At this point, you need to use the money to invest. Expand the business model to meet a large number of incoming cat customers. Through that will increase larger revenue, and bring more profit. Create the most popular restaurant in the neighborhood.Cat Snack Bar APK

Hire staff and chefs

To keep the restaurant business growing. Need to use the earned money to invest. Accordingly, hiring more chefs and service staff. In order to meet the large number of customers coming and help them not have to wait long. There are many employees here with different roles. For example, the chef does the cooking, and the staff runs the tables, cleans, and serves drinks. Accordingly, each employee will need different amounts of money to hire to work. Moreover, it is necessary to upgrade to improve working ability. Make it possible for your restaurant to serve all cat customers in all circumstances, even at the busiest times.

Plenty of food and water

Desire to meet all requirements of cat customers when coming to the restaurant. There needs to be a varied menu for them to choose from. Starting from selling sandwiches to serving the first customers. In the future, you will have to cook many other delicious dishes. For example soups, burgers, pizza, and more. Each dish will be made from different ingredients to create a special deliciousness. But the time it takes to perfect a dish for a customer will not be the same. Besides, there will be no shortage of drinking water. Restaurants can sell lemonade, soft drinks, coffee, and more.Introduce about Cat Snack Bar

MOD APK feature implemented of Cat Snack Bar

  • MOD Menu
  • Lots of Money
  • Unlimited gems
  • Free shopping

If you want to earn more money over time doing business at Cat Snack Bar. Need to expand your restaurant business model. Start from a small stall, and expand each area in turn. Invest in equipment, cookers, and dispensers. From there, not only sell goods to customers but also serving them to eat at the restaurant. Accordingly, you can build an empire of your own. Own a large-scale animal restaurant.

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