Cat shoot war 48 MOD Lots of Money APK
Cat shoot war: offline games MOD APK 48

Cat shoot war 48 MOD Lots of Money APK

By Hai Nam April 7, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Cat shoot war: offline games
Requires Android 4.4
Size 32MB
Latest Version 48
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Action
Price FREE

Cat shoot war opens the battles in the shooting style. The content revolves around the attack to protect the cat kingdom. Role-play as a cat warrior to participate in dungeon battles. Your mission is to stop the invading enemies who are plotting to dominate. According to the game’s plot, you are the only hero capable of resisting the enemy. Therefore, he will become a cat warrior to carry out the assigned mission. Based on completely free offline play mechanics. Get ready for the battle to stop the army of monsters. Kill the enemy with the equipped gun. Here the publisher also provides many interesting features for you to explore. From the weapon system to the graphics and sound are very impressive.

Download Cat shoot war MOD APK – Battle Against Monsters To Protect Cat Kingdom

Follow the story of the game to carry out the mission to protect the kingdom. In the role of a cat, the warrior will have to perform many different activities. Participate in field battles, and fight monsters in the underworld. Immerse yourself in fierce fighting between cat warriors. Robot defense battle to defend the castle. What’s more, is to explore dark dungeons with unknown mysteries. There are many other activities that you will learn when participating. That is also a task to overcome. Try to win every match to complete your mission.Cat shoot war

Tasks in stages

Through the game’s Dungeon to join the adventure in the dungeon. Here perform the task in stages. At each stage opens a fight for survival between the cat hero and the monsters. Use the equipped gun to attack like a gunner. Shoot down each enemy in the arena in turn until wiping them all out. From there win and complete the mission. Based on achievements in the war in each stage. You will receive gold coins with the corresponding amount. Can be accumulated to use in unlocking and upgrading activities.Game Cat shoot war

Note the health and energy stats

In the fight against the monsters to perform the mission in Cat shoot war. You need to pay attention to the cat hero’s health and energy stats. Because those two stats are very important in the process of fighting. As for the health stat, experiencing waves of attacks from enemies, the amount of health will decrease. But over time will be restored gradually. Besides, using special skills to attack will consume mana. When energy is depleted, it will not be possible to continue using skills to attack enemies. Accordingly, the two health and energy indicators will be displayed as horizontal bars. You can keep track of the remaining stats on the screen.Tai Cat shoot war

The task is getting harder and harder

The difficulty of the quest will also gradually increase each time it reaches the next stage. The wave of attacks from the monster army will be more intense than before. Bring huge challenge to cat hero fight. Because their number not only increased more. But there are also many monsters with outstanding abilities. Even at some stages even have to face the boss. This puts the hero in danger during combat. It will even cost your life if you can’t stop it. But at the same time, the bonus received after winning also increases. Help you earn big money to use to enhance your hero’s abilities.

Various weapon systems

The content is built according to the shooting mechanism. Therefore, there are many different types of guns provided by the game. With a diverse collection of guns, you will be able to fight according to your own play style. Includes field guns, automatic rifles, sniper rifles, air guns, shotguns, revolvers, bows and crossbows. These are the weapons mentioned, each with many different options. For example automatic rifles like the AK-47. Besides, there are many types of guns possessing outstanding attack ability. Typically, heavy guns have great destructive power. Or the gun has the ability to fire endlessly to cause great damage, with a fierce attack style.Download Cat shoot war

Cat shoot war game revolves around the battles to protect the cat kingdom. So there are many different cat heroes for you to choose from and play. For example Black Cat, Raccoon, Squirrels and moreover Pug. Each species is shaped in its own style, shown by the color of the coat and head. At the same time possessing different combat abilities. There are some species that even use magical power to attack. Or perform parkour techniques during the fight. Besides can also enhance the ability of the cat hero. Through equipping armor and protective helmets.

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