Case Simulator Ultimate 11.3 MOD Shopping Without Money APK
Case Simulator Ultimate MOD APK 11.3

Case Simulator Ultimate 11.3 MOD Shopping Without Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (3 hours ago)
Name Case Simulator Ultimate
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Case simulator
Size 53MB
Latest Version 11.3
MOD Free Shopping
Category Simulation
Price FREE

If you are a lover of collecting guns or knives, then Case Simulator Ultimate is a great game for you. It gives gamers an extremely diverse collection of weapons, including many different models and models of guns from common to rare. You can find pistols, rifles, machine guns, sniper rifles, daggers, and more. But instead of using them for some of your battles, you only have the right to aim and put them in the collection. But this gameplay is also quite interesting, allowing you to learn and discover hundreds of unique weapons. You can also try your luck to randomly unlock weapon boxes or skins. Also, don’t forget to participate in the lucky spin to earn money and bet on your favorite skins.

Introduce about Case Simulator Ultimate – Discover a huge treasure of weapons!

Case Simulator Ultimate is the choice of millions of mobile gamers even though it is just a simple simulation game. Why is it so attractive? That’s thanks to the huge arsenal of weapons that the game brings, plus dozens of skin types and other additional weapons, typically knives. It allows you to try your luck to unlock unique weapons and really have it in your collection.

Each weapon has its own unique looks and abilities, and your chances of getting a rare weapon seem very low. This is what makes gamers excited to try again and again to test their luck. Or simply they are real gun lovers and want to own all the guns in the world. If you are also like that, let’s explore more about this game before playing.


Lots of guns to collect

No one can list all the guns in this game because they are countless. The guns will be placed in sealed boxes, and have different prices depending on how rare and advanced they are. It can be pistols, rifles, pistols, shotguns,… Each type of gun includes many other models, different in color, part structure, speed, ammo capacity,… There are hundreds of different weapons. Besides guns, there are also beautiful classic daggers. Those who like guns and knives are free to aim and exchange them in the market.

However, the weapons listed on the market are often quite expensive and higher than their real value. So, if you are a person with economic conditions, feel free to shop. Those who have a limited economy can try the lucky wheel to unlock the weapon boxes available in the game. Each weapon type will have a different appearance depending on the rarity. For example, regular guns appear more often, while rare guns rarely appear in the wheel of fortune. Whoever owns them is indeed extremely lucky.


Upgrade guns, unlock skins

Besides guns, Case Simulator Ultimate also gives you a series of beautiful skins to upgrade guns. However, you have to rely on your luck again. You will have to trade a contract to upgrade the gun to a new shape. If you’re lucky, you’ll get premium skins. If the upgrade fails, you will lose the previous skin of the weapon. So consider carefully before performing the upgrade to avoid unnecessary loss.

Also, if you want to hunt for skins, you can also play duel online or play against bots. You will bet up to 25 different skins to participate in the game. If you win, you take all your own skins and those of others. Otherwise, of course, you will lose everything. Or you can participate in spinning the Roulette wheel to multiply your earnings. If you run out of money, you can choose to sell some unnecessary items to continue playing.


Simple and accessible

About the gameplay, you will find this game very simple and suitable for all players. Your job is just to touch the screen to view, buy and sell weapons. But before that, carefully review the information displayed on the screen to understand the rules of the game or discover the parameters and prices of weapons. Not much to do, but the attraction of the game is not small at all. Tap and tap more to unlock your favorite weapons and skins.


So, will Case Simulator Ultimate make you excited? It is your place to find hundreds of guns from classic to modern and a great range of skins. Try your luck here to unlock free boxes of weapons, or use your earnings to shop as much as you want. And the version of the game here will assist you to have all the best weapons in the game.

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