CarX Highway Racing 1.75.2 MOD Lots of Money APK
CarX Highway Racing MOD APK 1.75.2

CarX Highway Racing 1.75.2 MOD Lots of Money APK

By Hai Nam April 9, 2024 (5 days ago)
Name CarX Highway Racing
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher CarX Technologies
Size 59MB
Latest Version 1.75.2
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Racing
Price FREE

CarX Highway Racing will bring you hot and vivid racing moments on your phone. It possesses many modes to explore, from free races to campaign mode, police patrol, and more. Each campaign has its own rules and unique challenges to test your driving skills. Besides, do not hesitate to explore the garage, where you will find a variety of modern and liberal car models. Customize them to your liking with stickers, paint colors, and upgradeable accessories. Turn an ordinary car into a real steed on the track, why not? Do you love online races? So, now you can take your car to the track and compete with the top racers in the world.

Download CarX Highway Racing MOD APK – Racing gameplay with surreal physics

It is no coincidence that CarX Highway Racing has reached more than 50 million installs on Google Play. It brings the heat of realistic races to your phone for you to enjoy all the time. Moreover, with a well-thought-out and realistic design, the game will make you unable to ignore modern car models, a lively open racetrack, and a series of amazing weather and collision effects. Big races with the presence of top gamers are always waiting for you to discover. Or the endless chases of police cars to adjust the traffic are also quite interesting to role-play. As long as you love it, there is no limit to time or speed. If you want to test your driving skills or your latest racing car, either mode is suitable.


Many fun modes to explore

This game is one of the racing games with the most modes. Therefore, it appeals to many gamers with different tastes and racing styles. Let’s discuss each of those modes.

Campaign mode: It is an endless racing journey for you to immerse yourself in the world of city racing. You will have the opportunity to explore many racetrack locations such as the deserts of Texas, the magnificent cities of Australia, Russia, or France, and many more countries. There will be many missions to explore in this mode, and you can progress according to the level system. It is a chance to practice your driving skills while adventuring around the world.

Online racing mode: This is a playground for many real gamers to compete. You can participate in online racing tournaments with the goal of winning first place. Winning will bring you many bonuses and of course titles on the leaderboard. With tens of millions of players, CarX Highway Racing always has many opponents for you to compete in each tournament.

Police mode: You will play as a traffic cop with the task of bringing the rules back to the streets. No longer free and liberal car races, now you have to obey all the rules. Besides, use the distinctive alarm of police cars to scare off criminals on the road. You can catch lawbreakers or wanted criminals who are trying to escape with the fierce chase.

Free e: Let go of all your worries and stress for the time being in the previous modes. This is a free playground for you to freely express yourself. Drive without the constraints of rules or duties, simply feel the powerful engine sounds, and melodious music tunes, and admire the cityscape.


Unlock and upgrade racing cars

The game offers more than 40 different vehicles for you to choose from. It includes classic sports cars, supercars, police cars, and more. Each type of vehicle will have different parameters, such as maximum speed, acceleration, and capacity… When choosing a car, you can consider these parameters based on these parameters. High-speed cars will be suitable for online racing tournaments. While ordinary cars, slow speed, and medium capacity can be used for enjoying road trips. Besides, don’t miss the awesome upgrade elements with detailed paint colors, stickers, upgrade accessories, and more.


Realistic open map with 3D design

The game world is displayed vividly in front of the player’s eyes thanks to the careful investment in 3D graphics. It highlights high-end racing models with its sleek look and powerful engine sound. Besides, the game scene is very diverse and realistic, including many landscape details such as buildings, streets, signs, vehicles, and more. You will feel the bustling rhythm of the city as it changes with the day/night cycle.

Enjoy CarX Highway Racing after you download the game to your phone here. It has everything you need for a true racing game to satisfy your passion for speed, adventure, and discovery. Huge range of car models, famous locations, massive racing tournaments with online opponents, and more. All will keep you in the long run with this game.

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