Car Simulator OG 2.71 MOD Lots of Money APK
Car Simulator OG MOD APK 2.71

Car Simulator OG 2.71 MOD Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (19 hours ago)
Name Car Simulator OG
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher OppanaGames FZC LLC
Size 88MB
Latest Version 2.71
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Simulation
Price FREE

Car Simulator OG is a first-person car driving simulation game. When participating will have the opportunity to operate the car on the traffic routes in the city. Simultaneously perform tasks according to different activities, as well as follow the rules of the game while driving. Different from games with similar themes. Here you will play the role of a racer to develop your career with the desire to become a professional racer. Through it will experience different game modes with interesting driving themes. Besides, enjoy high quality 3D graphics. With sharp image quality and realistic motion effects. Combined with a realistic sound system, shown through the operating sound of the vehicle when moving.

Car Simulator OG – Drive On The Roads To Perform Missions!

Similar to other driving simulation games, the control mechanism is designed to be intuitive. But here you can also choose different driving mechanisms to operate the vehicle. Including tilting the screen, touching the arrows and using the virtual steering wheel. Depending on your play style, you can choose the appropriate driving mechanism and start the race. For example, tilting the screen will provide a more idle experience than the arrow keys. Or turn the virtual steering wheel to navigate to give you a realistic feeling like driving a real-life car. Besides, to move the car just touch and hold the accelerator and brake pedals.Car Simulator AND

Real-time driving

From a first-person perspective, join the endless race to advance your career. Accordingly, you will have to drive on the designated traffic routes. Based on real-time gameplay, you need to drive to glowing spots on the road. Aim to drive to the last bright spot before time runs out to complete the challenge. From there, you will receive a reward corresponding to the achievement achieved. For example, in the maximum 2 minute countdown time, you need to operate the racing car through the tracks to interact with the glowing points. If the time ends without moving to the end point, the mission will fail.

The reward received after completing a task is gold coins. The amount of money will correspond to the level and completion time after the end. Accordingly, you will receive a larger amount of money when completing races in new missions.Game Car Simulator AND

Gameplay and rules to follow

As introduced earlier about the gameplay of the game Car Simulator OG . The course of the race will have to follow the rules of the game. There must be no collision with other vehicles or obstacles on the road. Because that will lead to an accident and cause serious damage to the vehicle. Then it will not be able to work to continue the race and cause the mission to fail. In addition to driving carefully, it should be noted that the speed of travel on the road will not be the same. At each location, there will be a maximum speed limit, you must not exceed the allowed speed. Because that will be chased by the traffic police and receive a ticket.

The fuel of the vehicle will be reduced gradually with the distance traveled. If it is exhausted, the vehicle cannot operate to continue the journey. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor and refuel through petrol and oil stations on the driveway.Tai Car Simulator AND

Multiplayer mode

If you do not want the freedom to drive alone on the roads. Possibly coming to the game’s multiplayer mode. Here will have the opportunity to compete with real players, they are experienced racers and have flexible skills. Test your skills by racing against other players. Follow the rules of the participation mode to classify winners and losers. Whoever has the best score wins. Since then, not only has he proven himself to be a professional racer. But there is also a chance to rise to the leaderboard.Introduce about Car Simulator AND

Car Simulator OG game has many different vehicles for you to use. Those are custom-designed racing cars. Expressed through the style, paint color, design of the head and body. Likewise, the performance of each vehicle is not the same. From the top speed achieved, acceleration and braking. To be able to own a new car requires money. At the same time after owning can customize the vehicle in your own way. Through the different parts provided by the game.

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