Car Parking 3D – Car Out 2.0.5 MOD Remove Ads APK
Car Parking 3D - Car Out MOD APK 2.0.5

Car Parking 3D – Car Out 2.0.5 MOD Remove Ads APK

Written by Hai Nam (17 hours ago)
Name Car Parking 3D - Car Out
Requires Android 5.0
Size 57MB
Latest Version 2.0.5
MOD No Ads
Category Puzzle
Price FREE

Car Parking 3D – Car Out is a puzzle game that revolves around car parking activities. When participating can play in an offline mode completely free. Perform the task of moving the congested vehicles out of the parking lot perfectly. Through the touch mechanism to select each vehicle in turn moves forward, backward, left, and right. This game requires your logic, combined with careful calculation to perform. Here you will have to do level-by-level quests to test your puzzle skills. Aim to overcome the challenges in the parking lot. To increase the experience, the graphics are designed based on the 2D platform. With bright picture quality and fun sounds to enjoy.

Car Parking 3D – Car Out – Solve Parking Congestion Puzzles!

Based on parking puzzle mechanics. Even if you are a new player who has never joined, it is easy to do. It is even possible to get acquainted as soon as you enter the first level of play. Accordingly, just touch the car in the parking lot, then swipe in the directions to move them to the road. At this time, the vehicle will automatically leave the parking lot. In general, the control system of the game is very simple, could not be easier. But to solve the problem of congestion in the parking lot will need logic and intelligence to solve puzzles.Car Parking 3D – Car Out

Move the vehicle out of the parking lot without collision

The content of the game revolves around the operation of moving vehicles out of the parking lot without collision. Accordingly, the quest system will be opened in the form of increasing levels. Each level opens in a parking lot, with a lot of different vehicles. Parked in many locations and has a complex arrangement. Your task is to solve the traffic jam by moving the cars one by one. At the same time make sure there is no collision with the terrain or impact with other vehicles. After the parking lot is empty the car will complete the mission in a level. You can go to the next level to challenge your puzzle skills and test your logic.Car Parking 3D – Car Out

For example levels 1 and 2

Start level 1 of Car Parking 3D – Car Out game. In the parking lot, there are 3 vehicles parked side by side. You in turn choose to move each car forward or backward. After completing the puzzle will come to the next level. At this time, there will be a change in the number of vehicles, as well as the arrangement of their positions. Through the view from the top, you can observe the entire parking lot. Combine with your logic to move each vehicle in turn until the parking lot is empty.

Increasing difficulty

To challenge your parking puzzle skills in the game. The difficulty will gradually increase each time you reach the next level. There are many variations to test skills and experience. For example, the number of vehicles will increase more than before. They are parked in order with a complex arrangement. In addition, there are additional obstacles to cause obstacles when solving puzzles. Featured as barriers, warning signs and more.Introduce about Car Parking 3D – Car Out

Challenge at boss level

Go through each level in turn and complete the missions in the parking lot. When reaching a certain stage can participate in the boss level. Here opens a parking lot with a large area, with a large number of different vehicles. Real-time, limit up to 5 minutes to do the task. You need to get all the cars out of the parking lot before time runs out. From there will complete the holy test to continue to the new level.

Gold Coins

The reward received is gold coins. But not after each completed level will be received. Instead when you reach a certain level and complete the challenge in the parking lot. You will receive the corresponding amount of gold coins to accumulate. Moreover, when you complete the puzzle challenge at the boss level, you will receive a large amount of money.Game Car Parking 3D – Car Out

Based on the number of gold coins accumulated from levels of Car Parking 3D – Car Out. You can use it to unlock new vehicle skins. Here the game provides a diverse vehicle system to perform puzzles. These include cars, trucks, passenger cars, fire engines, ambulances, and many more. Each vehicle is uniquely designed. Recreated in cartoon style with diverse colors. The difference between them is also reproduced in the body, head, and size.

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