Car Master 3D 1.2.12 MOD Lots of Money APK
Car Master 3D MOD APK 1.2.12

Car Master 3D 1.2.12 MOD Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (2 hours ago)
Name Car Master 3D
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher SayGames Ltd
Size 110MB
Latest Version 1.2.12
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Simulation
Price FREE

Come to the game Car Master 3D to be busy with car jobs. No more dramatic speed races on the road. There is no competition to find a rider with a good record. Or win with the lead in the car race. Now you will become a repairman. Perform jobs in your own garage. Help customers feel satisfied with the requirements they want. Along with that are many different tools provided by the system. Full of everything for you to work on, complete the duties of a repairman in the garage. From there, make a profit to develop a growing garage. Besides, there are many unique features provided by the publisher. Promises to bring an extremely interesting car repair experience.

Introduce about Car Master 3D – Repair Cars On Demand From Customers!

The gameplay of Car Master 3D is played in the style of car design. Own a car repair garage with full tools and equipment. Every day there will be a lot of customers driving into the garage. Each person will have their own wishes for you to repair their car. Perform each task in turn. Fulfill the conditions given by the customer. Achievements in each job will be judged by their expressions. Satisfaction from them will get you a bonus. That is the profit to be able to develop and expand the garage into an auto repair company. Continue to receive requests from new customers. Many different jobs will have to be done. The bonus received will be more, but it is necessary to ensure the completion of the request from the customer.Car Master 3D

Various missions

The mission system in Car Master 3D is very diverse. Each customer driving into the garage will need to comply with the required condition. For example, changing the exterior paint color, inflating a deflated wheel, and installing a windbreak. Or remove the old paint, and customize the tires, and steering wheel. Or fix the front and body parts that are dented due to an accident. Then change a new coat of paint to make the old car look newer. Help customers feel the best about their car. There are many other quests waiting to be discovered. Finished excellently by receiving satisfaction with a smiling expression. From there will receive the maximum amount for your effort. Use that money to accumulate after many repairs. The garage can be expanded by unlocking new pages and equipment.Game Car Master 3D

Upgrade garage for advanced repair

Start car repair work from a small garage in Car Master 3D. Everything is quite sketchy, not much equipment. As well as tools to use for advanced repairs. At this point, you will receive some simple work from the client. It’s to make their car newer. Through a few basic activities like painting, inflating, and shaping the frame. After a while will have to unlock more new equipment. To improve the garage to become a big repair company. Advanced customization tasks can be performed. Intervention to repair the engine, and the parts related to the performance of the vehicle. From there will receive a large number of bonuses from customers. Continue to use profits to grow your garage.Ear Car Master 3D

Wide range of vehicles to repair

Through car repair operation in Car Master 3D. You will have the opportunity to learn about many different types of vehicles. Including sports cars, police cars, ambulances, taxis, and food trucks,… Every car that arrives at your garage is impressively simulated. With the difference is reflected in the exterior design and color. However, after a period of repair and improvement. From the hands of a professional craftsman like you. Will turn cars in damaged, old condition into a new cars. With outstanding from the outside to the ability to operate. Everything is designed to make the customer feel extremely satisfied.Introduce about Car Master 3D

Based on the background of vivid 3D graphics. The image quality of the Car Master 3D is designed to be sharp. Thoroughly elaborate on the environment, and true colors. Create a very unique car repair space. Makes you feel like a professional. Along with that is the repair effect shown through each activity. For example, spray paint effect to change the exterior of the car. The 3rd person’s perspective will give you the overall view. Mix audio converted to suit each activity taking place.

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