Car Industry Tycoon 1.7.7 MOD Lots of Money, Coins, Gems, Max Level APK
Car Industry Tycoon MOD APK 1.7.7

Car Industry Tycoon 1.7.7 MOD Lots of Money, Coins, Gems, Max Level APK

By Hai Nam April 12, 2024 (4 days ago)
Name Car Industry Tycoon
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher Adrian Zarzycki
Size 36MB
Latest Version 1.7.7
MOD Unlimited Money, Coins, Gems, Max Level
Category Simulation
Price FREE

Build a car factory in the game Car Industry Tycoon. Accordingly, you will become a manager to grow your business. Perform various tasks to manage the activities taking place in the car production process. At the same time, looking for ways to grow and increase profits from factory products. Since then, aiming to become a tycoon in the car manufacturing industry. Possessing a huge fortune and especially being able to idle money. This game belongs to the genre of management simulation, which is combined with unique incremental gameplay. This will allow you to develop your own car manufacturing business model. Simultaneously manage and invest in activities to improve the business.

Download Car Industry Tycoon MOD APK – Construction and Management of Car Factory

Become a manager of a car factory. Build your own empire to become a tycoon. Accordingly, it will have to perform a lot of different jobs. We are constantly improving and evolving to collect idle cash. Use investment in items and hire more workers to work. Craft parts and upgrade machines to produce new cars. At the same time, expanding the business model through other investment activities. As a manager with the power to make decisions, you need to have a business strategy to be effective. Use profits earned to invest in underperforming items. Only then can we go up and take the business to the top.Car Industry Tycoon MOD

Lots of work to do

Follow the idle gameplay revolving around the content of building and managing a car manufacturing business. You will start from a small parts factory. With a small number of workers, the work efficiency is not high. Through that will have to make important decisions, affecting the development of the business. For example, upgrading the production line with different items in the factory, and expanding the parking lot to get more workers to work. Expand the area of ​​the machine to increase more positions for workers. At the same time produce higher level car vehicles. From there, you can idle and earn large amounts of money in a short time. The goal is to build the largest factory in the world.Game Car Industry Tycoon MOD

Gameplay and process

The operating mechanism of the business you manage at Car Industry Tycoon on LMHAPKSS will take place in a chain. Starting from the parking lot, people park and move through the product showroom. Then continue to move to the production plant to perform the work. The progress of each worker working will correspond to the level of the factory. Use the money earned to upgrade each item in turn. From there, it is possible to build a large production plant with an efficient work schedule.

The process that takes place can track statistics. From the percentage of vehicles parked in the parking lot to the average working time of each worker in the factory. Moreover, it is the travel time from the parking lot to the working location. Through it, you can monitor the details of activities, in order to come up with a stronger business development strategy.Tai Car Industry Tycoon MOD

There are 9 stages and 12 cars

To perfect a car will have to go through 9 different stages. Corresponds to 9 types of machines used in the production plant. Includes chassis press, suspension installation, additional bodywork, engine mounting, and interior finishing. Install glass and doors, spray paint outside, check the quality, and finally performance test. Each stage has to build and upgrade. Accordingly, going through each step in turn will perfect a vehicle. Over time to create higher level cars. It is necessary to upgrade all production stages in the factory. According to the information provided, the process of managing and developing the car manufacturing business. You can craft 12 different vehicles according to the level of the factory.Download Car Industry Tycoon MOD

MOD APK Feature of Car Industry Tycoon

  • Lots of Money
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Max Level

Factory management process at Car Industry Tycoon. There are many different specific tasks that need to be done. This includes reducing the time it takes for workers to enter the factory. Conversely, it reduces the time it takes for workers from the factory to move out. Upgrade the parking lot to level 2 to increase the number of workers. Build an exit gate in the production area. Upgrade the metal press to complete the chassis. Increase the number of assembly lines and upgrade the profit rate over time. There are many other tasks that will be given in turn after each completed mission.

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