Call of Guns MOD Menu VIP, Damage Multiplier, No Cooldown APK
Call of Guns MOD APK

Call of Guns MOD Menu VIP, Damage Multiplier, No Cooldown APK

By Hai Nam April 7, 2024 (2 weeks ago)
Name Call of Guns
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher Action shooting games
Size 971MB
Latest Version
MOD Menu, Damage Multiplier, No Cooldown
Category Action
Price FREE

In the first-person perspective of the game Call of Guns becomes a gunman. Ready to participate in fierce battles. Compete with many other opponents in different game modes. Survive with robots in death combat mode, PvP battles in 5vs5 and 6v6 gameplay. Accordingly, you play as a gunman to attack in your style, through the rich gun system provided for a variety of gameplay. Combine with support weapons for more effective strategic deployment. The goal is to shoot down enemies on the battlefield or destroy opponents in online skirmishes. Increase skills for a chance to win after the time is up. From there, prove to everyone your skills and experience.

Introduce about Call of Guns – First Person PvP Competitive Shooting War!

Join the game to enter PvP online shooting wars. Compete with other players around the world. Depending on the selected game mode, you will ally with your friends. Then enter the battle with the enemy faction on the large map. As the real-time gameplay plays out, members of the two factions will attack each other. The shootings will take place very violently and fiercely. After the time is up, based on the kills achieved between the two factions. The side with the greater total number of points wins. At the same time, the members of that faction will receive a bonus corresponding to their ranking position in the team.Call of Guns

The gameplay takes place

The process of intense fighting between online gunmen. Through open play, members of both factions can move freely. Unlimited action and can attack in its way. Accordingly, it is possible to deploy a strategy with the whole team, with everyone working together to attack effectively. After each time you shoot down an enemy gunner, your team’s kill points will be added, and vice versa. At the same time, the gunman after being killed will be resurrected to continue fighting with his teammates. But it will take a short time to return to the battlefield.Game Call of Guns

Competition mode 5vs5 and 6vs6

Get ready to participate in the online battles of the Call of Guns game. You can choose between 5vs5 or 6vs6 competitive mode. Each mode will open up fierce skirmishes. Along with that, interesting gameplay is offered and required to be followed. Coming to the 5vs5 mode will enter the match up to 10 people. Divide into two teams, each team with up to 5 people to compete. Through real-time countdown to zero to find out the winning team. In 6vs6 mode there is similar gameplay. The shooters are all online players from many different regions. Here the competition takes place up to 12 people.Tai Call of Guns

Deathmatch mode

Do you want to challenge your survival skills? Enter the fierce match in Deathmatch mode. There are no rules here. Will face fierce attacks from robots. They appear in great numbers and have remarkable abilities. To survive, there would be no choice but to attack. Use equipped weapons against dangerous robots. Use skills and experience learned to destroy enemies. Try to survive as long as you can in the death battle.

Various weapon systems

More than 20 different weapons for you to discover. With such a diverse collection, you can freely choose to attack in your way. Examples include handguns, AWP rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, and many more. Each gun when equipped to attack in battle will bring its advantage. Depending on the situation using the right gun will achieve better results. For example, sniper rifles make it easy to headshot enemies from a distance. Thanks to the ability to magnify the scope through the viewfinder. Besides, it can also be combined with supporting weapons. For example rockets and grenades cause explosions.Introduce about Call of Guns

Besides the weapons provided by Call of Guns. The game also has many different modules, ammunition, and costumes. Through that will help you customize the appearance of the character, and change the appearance in a different style. More than 200 combinations of guns, costumes, and modules can be created. However, you need to be careful to be able to choose what you want. All must use the money to conduct transactions. Depending on the outfit will cost different amounts. Similarly, to have ammunition and customize the module also requires money.

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