Build a Bridge! 5.0.0 MOD Unlimited Coins, Paid ingame package unlocked APK
Build a Bridge! MOD APK 5.0.0

Build a Bridge! 5.0.0 MOD Unlimited Coins, Paid ingame package unlocked APK

Written by Hai Nam (5 days ago)
Name Build a Bridge!
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher BoomBit Games
Size 86MB
Latest Version 5.0.0
MOD Unlimited Coins, Paid ingame package unlocked
Category Puzzle
Price FREE

Build a Bridge! is an outstanding puzzle game that caused a fever in the mobile game market not too long ago. It gives gamers more than 86 levels from easy to difficult revolving around the theme of building bridges for transport vehicles. Your task is to build a bridge from available materials and help the cars move through safely, thereby unlocking the next level. The challenges will become more and more difficult as there are more obstacles and more difficult terrain. You need to use your intelligence plus understanding of physics to overcome all challenges. The construction will take place on a 2D platform, while you can enjoy the scenes of the vehicle moving over the bridge in a third-person perspective on high-end 3D graphics. Play the game now and try your hand at dozens of exciting levels.

Build a Bridge! – Fun construction puzzle gameplay!

Build a Bridge! was once the best game on Google Play in 2017. And to this day, it is still the choice of many gamers to try dozens of fun building levels. The gameplay of the game is very simple, the controls are also very accessible. But the fun that the game brings is not small at all, even better than many traditional puzzle games like match-3 style. Build a bridge based on your imagination and creativity, then see how well it holds up against loads of different vehicles. Just tap and swipe on the screen to do it. But the important factor is your intellect and experience. Not every bridge type that looks perfect can stand the test. Sometimes all it takes is a few simple tips to conquer difficulties.


Build bridges according to your imagination

Build a Bridge!’s gameplay consists of two main stages, the first is the construction of the bridge and the second is the inspection phase. In the first stage, your task is to build a bridge from available materials. Specifically, there will be 4 basic materials including wood, asphalt, steel, and cables. Combine these together in your way to complete a bridge that spans point A to point B. Also, take advantage of available props like a large rock under the water or the support of a giant hot air balloon. In some higher levels, you sometimes have to consider the appearance of other obstacles, such as a passing ship, a dragon, a plane, a helicopter, and more.

In the second stage, you just have to sit and watch the car over the bridge to test its endurance. There are many different types of vehicles from small cars to vans, trucks, buses, and off-road vehicles… Each type of vehicle will have a different load and speed, thereby having a separate effect on the carrying capacity of the bridge. With larger vehicles, your bridge needs to be stronger and thicker. But sometimes, for off-road vehicles or small cars with high speed, you just need to build a thin and light bridge. You don’t even need a complete bridge from A to B, but it can be surprisingly effective. Take note of this because you need to save your ingredients as much as possible to get a high rating.


Unlock dozens of colorful maps

Build a Bridge! takes place in many unique contexts. Sometimes it’s an island in the middle of the ocean, the surface of Mars, or the frigid arctic. Each place has a different beauty, bringing a unique feeling of experience. Besides, each place also owns its own terrain, thereby affecting your bridge-building strategy. But the higher the level, the more difficult the terrain, requiring your patience and upgrading in both skill and intelligence. Don’t worry, you can play as many times as you want, as long as you pass the level to unlock the next level.


Simple but exquisite graphics

Basically, everything in the game is built in a simple style but enough to impress. The surrounding scenery looks quite close, with many colorful colors, creating a comfortable feeling when playing. Images of vehicles such as vehicles, boats, and houses… are also quite realistic, helping players better visualize to develop bridge-building ideas. The scenes of vehicle movement on the bridge at the completion stage are described on the 3D platform, so they are very vivid, combined with realistic collision and crash effects.


All in all, Build a Bridge! is a good game for entertainment and brain training. It is considered a great tool for both children and adults to stimulate creativity and imagination. So, if you have some free time and don’t know what to do, then come here and try your hand at the challenging bridge-building levels. Can you conquer all the levels here?

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