Brotato:Premium MOD APK 1.3.295
Brotato:Premium MOD APK 1.3.295

Brotato: Premium 1.3.295 MOD Menu, Unlimited money, God mode, One hit, Attack Speed APK

By Hai Nam - February 6, 2024 (3 weeks ago)
Name Brotato:Premium
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher Erabit Studios
Size 50MB
Latest Version 1.3.295
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited money, God mode, One hit, Attack Speed
Category Action
Price FREE
Update February 6, 2024 (3 weeks ago )

Get ready to fend off waves of alien attacks. Through the action game Brotato: Premium. Open real-time survival battles. The content of the game revolves around a potato. Up to 6 weapons can be equipped at the same time to fend off waves of attacks from enemies. They are terrifying creatures from outer space. Do not stop rushing to approach to attack, causing damage to the potato. Here you will accompany the potato to participate in fierce battles. Perform the task of destroying the enemy according to the countdown time. The goal is to survive until time runs out. From there get rewards and increase strength. Improved combat ability to prepare for new attacks.

Download Brotato: Premium – Survival War Between Potatoes And Aliens

Based on the content of the game it opens the battle for survival between the potato and the aliens. From there, perform the task according to each Wave. Each Wave plays out a real-time battle. Depending on the increasing level, the time will range from 20 to 90 seconds countdown. Through the top-down perspective, it will bring the most intuitive and overall observation. Accordingly, you will accompany the potato against waves of attacks from creatures. Use the equipped weapon system to attack approaching enemies. Successfully destroy them with as many numbers as possible after the time is up. From there will win and complete the mission.Brotato-Premium


The ability of the potato tuber is shown through the parameters. Includes max health, health regeneration, and damage percentage. Melee damage, ranged damage, elemental damage. Percentage of attack speed and critical rate. Along with that are techniques such as speed, armor, dodge rate, speed percentage, luck, and harvest. Start from zero with the above indexes. Go through the battles after completing the survival mission. From there, it is possible to upgrade to increase the parameters. To improve the fighting power of the potato.Game Brotato-Premium

Parts to upgrade

After each completion of war will be selected to upgrade many different parts of the potato. For example in the first wave of attacks after winning. The system offers 4 options for brain, skull, back and fingers. Or after completing the task in the 2nd level will be selected palm, muscle, heart, and lungs. Continue like this to come to the next level, there will be many other parts. Accordingly, it is possible to select a part or upgrade all. Each part will increase the percentage with its own attributes. Help the potato be able to overcome the ever-greater challenges.Ear Brotato-Premium

The challenge is growing

Every time comes the next wave of attacks from alien creatures. The difficulty of the mission will increase with more difficult challenges. Not only was the number of enemies more than before, but they also attacked fiercely to take lives. In particular, the duration of the battle for survival will be larger. Causing you to constantly fire bullets to attack, to destroy waves of fearsome creatures. To survive will have to improve their combat skills. Both attack and move to dodge and limit the damage they cause.

Weapon system

There are many different types of weapons used in wars. Especially in a survival attack can equip up to 6 different types. Those are guns built with a unique attack style. Examples include rifles, flamethrowers, laser guns, rocket launchers, sticks, and rocks. Many other types of weapons will be unlocked by the system when it comes to later battles. The difference between the guns is shown by the stats. Examples are damage dealt, attack range, critical rate and reload time. Depending on the type of weapon, there will be different stats.Download Brotato-Premium

MOD APK Feature of Brotato: Premium

  • MOD Menu
  • Unlimited money
  • God mode
  • One hit
  • Attack Speed

Besides the diverse weapon system provided by Brotato: Premium. The game also has many different items for you to equip the potato. For example, the book will increase skill points and Gummy Berserker will increase attack speed and range. There are hundreds of items to choose from, which will be collected after completing quests. However, each type of item not only increases the stats, but when equipped, but it can also reduce a few other stats. Besides, it is also possible to unlock the appearance of potatoes to increase the stats.

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