BombSquad 1.7.35 MOD Unlocked APK
BombSquad MOD APK 1.7.35

BombSquad 1.7.35 MOD Unlocked APK

Written by Hai Nam (11 hours ago)
Name BombSquad
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Eric Froemling
Size 60MB
Latest Version 1.7.35
MOD Unlocked
Category Action
Price FREE

BombSquad is a bombing game to attack enemies. The content takes place according to different game modes. Role-play as a character to participate in battles. Your mission is to face the enemies and destroy them to win. This game can be experienced online and offline. Depending on the mode of participation will require specific conditions. When you join, you will have the opportunity to discover many interesting things. From the diverse map system that opens in many unique locations. Until the characters are impressively shaped to role-play and fight in battles. Moreover, the combination of vivid 3D graphics. With realistic physics, the ragdoll effect was used during the bombing.

Introduce about BombSquad – Competitive Bombing War With Other Opponents!

The control mechanism of the game is designed intuitive interface. A map can move freely but limited range of activities. You will use the virtual joystick control feature to navigate and move. Combine 4 different attack actions to perform during combat. Includes melee punches, sprinting, bombing, and picking up objects. The difference between actions will be shown in their own colors and symbols. You just need to touch the corresponding to perform. In general, the mechanics of the game are not too complicated. But to flexibly fight and destroy the enemy is not easy at all.BombSquad

Co-op mode

Enter the game’s Co-op mode for campaign missions. Each campaign will be divided into several different phases. Each stage is a battle between you and enemy forces. Here can invite friends to join to fight the enemy together. With the participation of up to 4 players or you can choose to fight alone. Pass each stage in turn and successfully wipe out all enemies. Then will win and complete a campaign. Based on the number of achievement points achieved, there will be a chance to prove the skill. At the same time can continue the journey to come to a new campaign.Game BombSquad

Quests and conditions

In each Co-op campaign at BombSquad, there will be 3 different conditions. That is the task you need to do. For example, wipe them all out and win, no bombing can still defeat the enemy and push 3 enemies off the map. Furthermore complete a match, kill 3 enemies with explosive mines and take no attack from enemies. There are many other missions that will be unlocked each time the next campaign comes. Achievements in each battle will be shown by the number of stars, up to 3 stars. Each mission will correspond to one star, and after achieving 3 stars will complete the challenge.

Types of bombs

There are different types of bombs used to attack. Includes instant bombs, mines, bouncing bombs, bombs that explode on impact, and more. Each type of bomb used will deal a large amount of damage and be effective in a certain range. You can collect them from square boxes with their own unique color that appears on the map. As soon as you move in, you will collect and own a new type of bomb.Ear BombSquad

Various enemies

Besides the bombs will be collected during the battle. You also have to face a lot of different enemies. They weren’t just opponents with similar bombing capabilities. It can also be a ninja possessing agile and flexible movement speed. Or pirates, barbarians, and lunatic chefs. There are many other enemies to face in different battles. The difference between each enemy is not only shown in appearance. It is also shown through its own special ability.

Teams mode and Free for All

There are two other game modes for you to participate in, including Teams and Free for All. Each mode opens up bombing wars according to its own gameplay. Offer different rules and conditions to test your skills. But also brings new themes for you to experience. In Teams mode, it will allow teammates to compete with the opposing faction. With the participation of up to 8 players and divided into two teams. Requires strategy and cooperation among team members. Bomb targets wipe out all enemy factions to win.Introduce about BombSquad

BombSquad ‘s Free for All mode opens a fierce battle. But there will not be any alliances or groups formed. Each person is a faction and will attack each other to find the last survivor. Can you survive until the game is over? That will have to rely on skill and experience to be able to become the last person alive on the map.

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