Bodybuilder GYM Fighting Game 1.16.1 MOD Lots of Money, Remove Ads APK
Bodybuilder GYM Fighting Game MOD APK 1.16.1

Bodybuilder GYM Fighting Game 1.16.1 MOD Lots of Money, Remove Ads APK

By Hai Nam April 20, 2024 (20 hours ago)
Name Bodybuilder GYM Fighting Game
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Fighting Arena
Size 105MB
Latest Version 1.16.1
MOD Unlimited Money, No Ads
Category Adventure
Price FREE

Challenge yourself to be a gym fighter in Bodybuilder GYM Fighting Game adventure game. With gameplay built in the style of 1vs1. You will become a Gym fighter, possessing the skills of Karate. Have a mission to challenge other dangerous Gym opponents. Beat them in the match to win. Aim to prove yourself, become a champion. The game also incorporates survival elements. When the game is on, you have no other choice. Only fighting can protect oneself. At the same time will have the opportunity to participate in more attractive tournaments. Along with that, you also learn about many Gym martial artists. Explore exciting competition locations, unfolding in a variety of environments.

Introduce about Bodybuilder GYM Fighting Game – Fighting Battle Between Gym Fighters!

The gameplay of Bodybuilder GYM Fighting Game is quite simple. There is no plot, nor is there a specific mission in each match. Your only goal is to challenge the gym boxers. Beat them to become the champion with the best performance. Based on each level of play, matches take place according to increasing difficulty. After defeating the opponent to win. You will continue your way. Enter a new competition, compete against other dangerous Gym opponents. Possessing more flexible skills, superior muscle strength. Create challenges that need to be overcome. Making the road to becoming a champion even more difficult. However, rely on combat skills that improve over time. Surely you can accomplish your goal.Bodybuilder GYM Fighting Game

Rounds, flexible skills

Each match of Bodybuilder GYM Fighting Game is divided into several rounds. Depending on the result of each round, the match can end quickly or slowly. For example, you and your opponent will have to play 3 rounds to find the winner. Or can end the match earlier, when winning 2 consecutive rounds. That will depend on your control skills. Because two boxers in a match will compete fairly. Requires your skills to be flexible. Always improving match by game. At the same time gain experience to be able to achieve better results. Through observing the opponent’s body movements. Quick reflexes and accurate judgment. Combine flexible moves to avoid attacks from opponents. Also, attack accurately to cause the opponent to reduce health.Introduce about Bodybuilder GYM Fighting Game

Special moves, bonuses

Besides combat skills that need to be improved over time. During matches at Bodybuilder GYM Fighting Game. You can also use the fighter’s special skills to attack. Causes the opponent to take large amounts of damage. That means a large amount of health will be reduced, which helps you increase your win rate. However, the special skill is only used when the energy is full. Continuously attack accurately to create combos. That will help the martial artist’s energy increase quickly. Can use the skill for the next time. Besides, after winning a match. You will get a bonus. The amount of money received will correspond to the achievement achieved. Based on the time and number of rounds, you will receive the corresponding bonus.Tai Bodybuilder GYM Fighting Game

Diverse martial arts system

Bodybuilder GYM Fighting Game owns a diverse character system. They are all Gym martial artists, with a Karate fighting styles. Each boxer is designed with a strong, muscular appearance. Whether male or female, their fighting ability was impressive. However, you cannot role-play as any boxer you like. Because they need to use gold coins to buy. Depending on the boxer will require a different amount. Through previous matches. After winning, you will accumulate a sum of money. Can be used to unlock boxers with the corresponding amount. Then participate in the next tournament. That will help you feel more confident, bring a feeling of excitement.Game Bodybuilder GYM Fighting Game

Currently, Bodybuilder GYM Fighting Game has two different game modes. Includes level-by-level challenge mode and unlimited career mode. Each mode opens matches according to its own rules. Along with different gameplay. That will increase the experience. Help you enjoy the exciting exciting matches. No matter what mode you join. You all have to compare skills in a 1vs1 fighting match. Only when you win will you have the opportunity to move on to a new match.

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