Bob The Robber 4 2.57.0 MOD Lots of Money APK
Bob The Robber 4 MOD APK 2.57.0

Bob The Robber 4 2.57.0 MOD Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (4 hours ago)
Name Bob The Robber 4
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Azerion Casual
Size 120MB
Latest Version 2.57.0
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Action
Price FREE

Bob The Robber 4 is a brand new stealth adventure title. Continued from previous versions. Now the game has been completely rebuilt. To bring the best experience to players. Accordingly, the graphics are improved to be more beautiful, with sharp and smooth image quality. As well as an upgraded sound system, with fun background music that combines the sound of moving characters. Here the game is set in France, specifically in one of the most beautiful cities, which is Paris. Accordingly, you will discover luxury houses, supermarkets, and many other beautiful buildings. Show your skills as a super thief to break into houses and take valuables.

Introduce about Bob The Robber 4 – Stealing Stuff From Buildings In The City Of Paris!

In the 4th part in the Bob The Robber game series provided by the publisher Azerion Casual. Set in the beautiful city of Paris, France. Open up different buildings for you to perform the task of stealing. Including houses, supermarkets, banks, hotels, castles,… and much more. Each project is designed in its own style. Accordingly, you will observe from the opposite perspective. You can see all the rooms on each floor of each building. From there, identify the locations of theft, shown by the X symbol. Moreover, through that perspective, it also helps you to know the locations of people living in each building. As well as security devices to deploy the best theft strategy.Bob The Robber 4

Revolving around the theft activities of a thief

Based on the story of the game revolves around the theft activity of a thief. Here you will perform tasks according to each level of play. In each level corresponds to a construction site in the city of Paris. As a thief breaks into the house, your target steals valuables from the rooms. At the same time find a way to escape the strict protection of security personnel. Then use your skills to escape. Success leaves the house in silence to complete the task.Game Bob The Robber 4


Achievements at each level of Bob The Robber 4 will be shown through the number of stars, up to 3 stars. Accordingly, it will be based on the activities taking place during the theft. Try not to miss any areas and take away valuables. At the same time do not let yourself be discovered. After finishing a level by leaving the building. Based on the completion time and the activities performed, the corresponding number of stars will be awarded. At the same time, the bonus received will be based on yourself in the process of stealing.Bob The Robber 4

Lots of activities going on

There are many different activities that take place in the construction theft adventure. Break locks, decrypt safe passwords, crack lockers, and much more. At the same time, you can perform an offensive action to make the security officer unconscious. Examples include police, security robots, doctors, citizens, and more. Sometimes you have to race against time if you are discovered. Accordingly, the protection system will automatically close some doors to prevent. In limited time and only one way to move. Target leaves the place you stole before time runs out to safely escape and complete the challenge.

Difficulty increases when reaching new levels

Every time you go to the next level to steal items in a new building. There will be many changing elements to challenge your looting skills. Accordingly, the difficulty of the task also increases, making it difficult for you. For example, the security system is enhanced, shown by the number of supervisors and camera equipment. At the same time, the terrain is designed more complex. Makes navigating through rooms on floors challenging. Sometimes it even makes you feel like you’re lost in a maze. To find the exit will have to go through many areas. But on the contrary, there will be a chance to steal more valuables in larger quantities.Introduce about Bob The Robber 4

Based on the money stolen from the buildings in the city of Paris of the game Bob The Robber 4. Can be used to change the character’s appearance. Those are outfits that come with unique hats. They are designed in their own color and style. For example, the costume of a prisoner, astronaut, or detective. There are some other costumes that you will discover in the game store. Accordingly, each outfit will require different amounts of money to buy to be able to own.

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