Blob Runner 3D 6.5.0 MOD Unlimited Diamonds APK
Blob Runner 3D  MOD APK 6.5.0

Blob Runner 3D 6.5.0 MOD Unlimited Diamonds APK

Written by Hai Nam (20 hours ago)
Name Blob Runner 3D
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Zynga
Size 146MB
Latest Version 6.5.0
MOD Unlimited Diamonds
Category Action
Price FREE

Get ready for a super fun race through Blob Runner 3D. The game belongs to the action genre, combined with racing elements. The content revolves around a special slime block. Reimagined with limbs and movable. Your task is to control the slime block to participate in the races. Overcome dangerous obstacles, and collect jelly blobs to create a giant greasy block. From there can complete the quest to start a new journey. A series of unique features are provided by the system. From graphics combined with a vivid color system. Until the gameplay is quite simple. Help you have a great experience when participating. Along with that is a flexible control mechanism, optimally designed. Easy to use to perform slime mass control.

Introduce about Blob Runner 3D – The Slime Block Life and Death Race!

Based on the exciting story that takes place in the game Blob Runner 3D. The task system is divided into each level. In it, each level opens a race according to progress. You need to control the slime block to overcome all obstacles. Also, collect jelly blocks on the way. After reaching the finish line, the slime block will jump up to match an empty space on a map. From there it is possible to complete the task of a level. The reward received includes red gems. The number of red stones will correspond to each of your levels and achievements. I want to receive a large quantity of stone. Must have excellent performance. The difficulty of the game will increase every time you step to a new level. No lice appeared a large number of obstacles. But there are also many new challenges.Blob Runner 3D

The gameplay takes place

Blob Runner 3D is not an ordinary race. It is a journey between life and death. During the slime block race. Obstacles are the biggest inevitable challenge. When colliding with them, the slime mass will lose one or more limbs. At the same time, the movement speed is proportional to the body size. The larger the size, the faster the movement speed and vice versa. To continue the race after each collision hit an obstacle. You will have to collect the jelly spots that appear on the road. From there it is possible to restore the slime mass and growth. Try not to miss any jelly blocks that will create a giant greasy block. With very fast movement speed. From there, you can move to the finish line to match the empty position. Get a large amount of Redstone.Game Blob Runner 3D

Skill, collect Redstone

To overcome the deadly obstacles in the game Blob Runner 3D. Requires flexible and precise movement skills of the player. There are many different obstacles to face. Includes chainsaws, rock blocks blocking the way, wind blowers,… and much more. Each obstacle will have its own way of working. Simply touching them will cause one or more limbs of the slime blocks to be reduced. After multiple collisions, all limbs on the slime block were lost. Means the mission failed, and you will have to play that level again. This will take more time. Along with that, do not forget to collect the red stones. They appear randomly at a certain road segment. Try to collect and not miss any stones. From there, you can accumulate more Redstone for trading.Introduce about Blob Runner 3D

Shaping slime

In order to help all players participating have an enjoyable experience. Blob Runner 3D has added many new features. In it, the slime block customization feature will help you feel very impressed. Here, the system simulates the slime block in the default color. You can change the color to your liking. By using a variety of colors to create a diverse oily mass. With a difference on the outside, make it stand out in its own way. From there, when participating in the race to the next level. It will be more interesting because you can control the slime block created by your own hands.Ear Blob Runner 3D

Unlike racing games with similar gameplay. The graphics of the game Blob Runner 3D are designed in 2D only. With a combination of bright colors. Expressed through the surroundings and obstacles. As well as shaping the slime mass. When full limbs will be shaped in human style. Even more unique, a slime block can combine many different colors. Make you enjoy and feel more excited when participating. Moreover, the fun background music is shown throughout the course of the races.

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