Blast Hero 0.19.70 MOD Lots of Money APK
Blast Hero MOD APK 0.19.70

Blast Hero 0.19.70 MOD Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (15 hours ago)
Name Blast Hero
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher VOODOO
Download 24
Size 84MB
Latest Version 0.19.70
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Action
Price FREE

Blast Hero is an archery action game built with addictive and idle mechanics. Join the game, you will play as a rookie archer with a mission to defeat monsters in the fantasy world. You need to move wisely to dodge enemies while shooting accurately to destroy them. Besides, you will have to upgrade and unlock many new skills to be ready to face more powerful monsters over time. After each successful battle, you will climb a higher tower and make an effort to conquer the last floor. The reward for the hero is very attractive. Those are gold coins and treasure chests that are enough for you to build and expand the island of your dreams. Now is the time to indulge in archery hours and relax.

Blast Hero – Archery and slay epic monsters!

Maybe you have never seen archery gameplay as simple as here. But it has attracted many main players because of this idle mechanic and a bit of love in the graphic style. The game includes many different levels and always brings newness through the levels. You will meet new enemies and enjoy new powers and skills. The battles are increasingly complex but inspiring. Monsters are also increasingly diverse and have many attack methods. Your job is to upgrade and improve constantly. Moreover, practice the flexibility of your fingers to move quickly when playing the archer hero.


Climb every tower with your skills

Each game level is a tower climbing journey. In each tower, you must destroy all monsters to climb to the new tower. And so on, until you conquer the last tower, you can unlock new levels with more unique challenges. But to attack the monster, you just need to swipe on the screen. The battles take place right on the vertical screen of the phone. Monsters will fly from above while you can shoot bows in the sky. The number of bows is unlimited, but you must move wisely to optimize damage for each shot. The monsters will make it difficult for you in many different ways. But usually, the bigger the enemy, the harder it is to deal with.

Some small monsters can only hover in the sky. While the slightly larger monsters know how to target and fly closer to the archer. Besides, in some of the last towers in a level, you can encounter bosses. It can be epic dragons, giant bats, and more. They can launch bullets with great destructive power that make you unable to react. At that time, you need to move quickly to both attacks the enemy and dodge the rain of bullets. The farther you go, the greater the difficulty and the faster the battle speed. The game will keep you excited with the intense and inspiring battle journey.


Upgrade and unlock heroes

To face even greater challenges in Blast Hero, you need to upgrade your archers. By upgrading, you will help improve his two important stats, HP and fire rate. Besides, when reaching a certain level, the archer will learn new active skills. It could be the ability to shoot more arrows, freeze enemies, burn targets, and more. With a variety of ways to act, you will have the advantage in the battle with many types of monsters at the same time. This is your chance to go further and collect great loot on your journey.

Besides, you can find some new heroes at the shop. They have their own characteristics to create a new immersive feeling. Hero upgrades and unlocking are done throughout your journey. Moreover, through each battle, the game will give you 3 temporary upgrade options to gain an advantage in the new level. It can be upgraded in speed, damage, HP recovery, and more. Choose exactly what you need and enter the new battle with a ready mind.


2D graphics with a simple and fun design

The game only owns a 2D graphic style, but everything is very friendly and suitable for all types of players. Images of archers and monsters are quite diverse and fun. Each type of monster has its own look and skill effect, creating something new as you progress through new levels of tower climbing. Besides, the battlefield scene is always bright and bustling. The effects of bullets and arrows are equally realistic and eye-catching.

Therefore, Blast Hero will surely satisfy you with epic archery games on your phone. Just use one hand to play as the archery mechanics are super idle. But get ready for confrontations with many giant bosses. Move quickly to dodge the rain of bullets and destroy the enemy with multi-target shots, can you do it?

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