Blade Bouncer 2: Revolution 1.95.1 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money and gems, god mode, all unlocked APK
Blade Bouncer 2: Revolution MOD APK 1.95.1

Blade Bouncer 2: Revolution 1.95.1 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money and gems, god mode, all unlocked APK

By Hai Nam April 7, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Blade Bouncer 2: Revolution
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Three Swords Studio
Size 98MB
Latest Version 1.95.1
MOD Menu, Unlimited money and gems, god mode, all unlocked
Category Action
Price FREE

Blade Bouncer 2: Revolution is an action role-playing game inspired by cult animated movies. It will bring you into the professional gyro arena with the top fighters here. You can enjoy battles with online opponents or hit characters in story mode. Whoever your opponent is, they promise to give you crazy challenges. Control your gyroscope skillfully to create powerful collisions. You will get valuable loot and a high rank if you are brave enough and conquer all arenas. Besides, don’t forget to upgrade your gyro both in appearance and skills.

Download Blade Bouncer 2: Revolution MOD APK – Attractive and addictive gyro war

The gameplay of Blade Bouncer 2: Revolution is quite simple but has high appeal. Its core content is 1v1 or multiplayer gyro battles depending on the mode. During the battle, you can enjoy the eye-catching action of the gyros. You will control it yourself through the touch on the screen and use skills. But you need to do it skillfully to dodge the enemy and create powerful collisions to defeat the opponent. Besides, you can summon the mascot inside your spinner. It represents the power and skill system of the gyro. In the fight, you need to combine all maneuvers and skills to conquer the arena.


Explore dramatic modes

Exciting gyro wars will be distributed into typical modes. There are 5 modes as follows:

Story: It includes special quests designed according to the level system. You will start at the easiest level and gradually unlock new challenges as the story progresses. There you will meet new opponents like Vince, Alvina, Chester, and more. They will reveal to you interesting details in the original story. Moreover, you will receive rewards and experience points after each level.

1v1 Match: That’s where you’ll go up against another opponent. There are up to 3 rounds for each fight. If you win a higher score than your opponent after 3 rounds, you will receive a bonus and many valuable upgrade items. The time for each match in this mode is quite short, so it is quite suitable for you to play anytime, anywhere.

Time Attack: It is the arena to test your speed and accuracy. Your task in this mode is to go through the checkpoints on the map before the time runs out. Of course, you will face competition from other competitors.

Tournament: It offers matches with up to 7 opponents. You will have to go through 3 dramatic rounds to reach the final. This model is the biggest arena in the game. So, if you win, you will win great rewards and experience points for promotion.

Deathmatch: This is a multiplayer online battle arena. Your mission is to try to survive as long as possible to become the last person standing on the map.


Unlock and upgrade your gyroscope

There are many ways to upgrade your gyro in Blade Bouncer 2: Revolution. But to upgrade or unlock new spinners, you need to use the bonus after each match. Accordingly, the game allows you to unlock new skins in its library. You can also change any part of the gyro from the base to the core and blade. This will help you improve the performance of your gyroscope. Besides, make the gyro’s movements more impressive by customizing the color of the track when moving or the attack effect.

Each spinner has important stats including Attack, Durability, Handling, Recharge Rate, Defense, Top Speed, ​​and Energy. Each state has an important impact on the performance of the gyroscope, which in turn determines its advantage in the arena. To improve these stats, you need to upgrade its Level. Also, upgrade your gyro’s mascot by gaining experience and unlocking new matching skills in the Skill Tree. In other words, do everything you can to upgrade the gyroscope and mascot to discover new power thresholds.


Modern and realistic image

The game is built quite well on the 2D graphics platform. It depicts gyros with a modern and sophisticated design, accompanied by beautiful effects when they move and deploy moves. The movements of the gyro in the arena are also very smooth. The background music is always exciting, contributing to stimulating the spirit of all gamers. The character system in the game is relatively poor but quite impressive with the anime design.

MOD APK Feature of Blade Bouncer 2: Revolution

  • MOD Menu
  • Lots of Money and gems
  • all unlocked
  • god mode

Overall, Blade Bouncer 2: Revolution will satisfy a large number of gamers with its dramatic action gameplay. Join this game and enter the craziest gyro matches. You will witness the fierce competition between legendary gyros and classic mascots. Strive to climb the leaderboard and claim the rewards you deserve.

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