Bike Jump 1.13.1 MOD Unlimited Coins APK
Bike Jump MOD APK 1.13.1

Bike Jump 1.13.1 MOD Unlimited Coins APK

Written by Hai Nam (20 hours ago)
Name Bike Jump
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher BoomBit Games
Size 101MB
Latest Version 1.13.1
MOD Unlimited Coins
Category Arcade
Price FREE

Bike Jump is a fast-paced action game with simple and addictive mechanics. It takes you to great highs and you can fly as fast as you can. Riding a motorcycle or even riding a skateboard, you will look cool when you run at high speed and land skillfully. But how far will you fly? Each of your flights can set a new record to enter the leaderboard and get huge rewards. Don’t hesitate to upgrade your car engine and jetpack to fly faster and further. There is no limit to how far you can fly. Only your capacity is limited. A wide range of beautiful models and maps make every journey new here.

Bike Jump – Ride a motorcycle and record a long-distance flight!

Have you ever thought about the combination of driving and long jump? This idea came true in Bike Jump. It is a simple but attractive game, which has now attracted millions of players. The purpose of this game is to help you relax with super-speed driving and flying far with a jetpack. Show your talent to be the best long-distance runner on your favorite motorcycle. Although there is only one game mode and only one gameplay, this game always brings something new to your every turn. That’s thanks to changes to the context, maps, and unique vehicle systems. The farther you go, the more new and powerful you can discover than ever before. Have you ever witnessed a motorcycle with super speed? Now it’s in this game for you to drive.


Enjoy the spectacular flight screen

The game does not have a clear level system, but you will be the one to progress over time. You will play the role of a racing athlete with a dream to conquer the farthest distances. You will start at the starting line and click to drive and accelerate forward. After going all the way up a steep slope, you can continue to use the jetpack to fly another distance. Depending on the productivity of the vehicle and jetpack, how well you can record. A flag is planted in your place when you stop after the acrobatics. Make an effort to improve your performance in the next turns.

Before continuing a new flight, you can upgrade your equipment and vehicles. But if you find that the achievement can be improved by skill, do it again with the right actions. To get the farthest distance, you need to get it right twice. Firstly, you need to accelerate reasonably to create a strong-flying force when going downhill. And second, you need to click at the right time to turn on the jetpack and fly more. With a little change in your maneuver, you can extend your flight distance. The gameplay mechanism is merely clicking on the screen. Whether you are a novice or an expert, it is easy to approach this game.


Unlock and upgrade to score new records

To get better achievements in Bike Jump, you can’t miss the upgrade. There are three things you need to upgrade, including the vehicle engine, jetpack, and bonus amount. With a more powerful engine, you can start your bike faster. Meanwhile, a better jetpack will get you farther after getting off the motorcycle and downhill. Moreover, by upgrading the bonus amount for each flight, you will get more bonuses for shopping delight. Each upgrade requires you to pay. And the higher your level, the more money you have to pay for the upgrade.

Besides, there are quite a few cool things that you can unlock in this game. Accordingly, you can unlock costumes and accessories to design your racer. In addition, the game offers quite a few different vehicles to try from bicycles, motorcycles, and skateboards to planes, helicopters, and more. Different types of vehicles have their characteristics in terms of appearance and engine. Besides, the map of the game also changes flexibly through the levels. You can drive and fly far on city roads, in deserts, over snowy lands, and more.


Simple design, good music, and effects

The game only possesses simple but impressive images. Character images, vehicles, and maps are all designed on a 3D platform. Background music and engine sounds are lively, while the effects of the collision of cars and people on the track are equally realistic. You can enjoy the traditional acrobatics when landing or the smoke and fire effects from the jetpack. Everything is pretty cool, creating epic action sequences.


Bike Jump will help you relax with great flying levels. Come here and enjoy the speed while driving or the crazy stunts when you land on the jetpack. You can record the world’s best long-distance flight with engine upgrades, jetpacks, and more. Don’t hesitate to shop for apparel and make your athlete stand out.

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