Big Hunter 2.9.11 MOD Lots of Money APK
Big Hunter MOD APK 2.9.11

Big Hunter 2.9.11 MOD Lots of Money APK

By Hai Nam April 6, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Big Hunter
Requires Android 4.1
Publisher Kakarod Interactive
Size 91MB
Latest Version 2.9.11
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Action
Price FREE

Big Hunter takes you back to the primitive times when people lived in tribes and hunted animals with rudimentary handcrafted weapons. There, you will be a tribal leader with a great responsibility, which is to hunt wild animals to feed the group. You can use and master many different weapons. But the challenge for you is increasingly difficult as the wild animals grow bigger and stronger. You need to learn how to be the best hunter and unlock dozens of unique weapons. By swiping across the screen, you can kill wild animals to prolong your survival. This simple gameplay will make you addicted. Along with that, simple and colorful pictures and vibrant background music will also make you excited to play.

Download Big Hunter MOD APK – Hunt animals to survive

Forget about modern wars with guns, bombs, and all sorts of vehicles for a while. Big Hunter will take you on hunting trips like never before on mobile. The game context takes place in the primeval times when guns or bombs are tools that have never been known to man. The tribes only know how to hunt with tools of their own creation, be it spears, axes, boomerangs, or some other useful thing. But not every hunt was successful. Sometimes, you have to pay with your life. Don’t let your tribe go hungry. Make giant wild animals a delicious meal in your main course every day.


Learn how to be the best hunter

Starting from the first day of survival, you will hunt in a relaxed mood because your target is a small and gentle mammoth. You can attack it with axes or spears until you notice that its HP is 0. At that point, you will return to your Clan with the pride of a leader. But an amateur hunter like you needs to be trained through more challenges. You won’t see that little mammoth again, instead, it could be a bigger elephant, a rhinoceros, an ostrich, or any other wild animal with better HP. You will need to master your maneuvers and act quickly. Your aim can end you with a single footstep.

How many days will you live? This is a question for every player in this game. Each battle you win will give you an extra day of survival. Just like that, your goal is getting bigger and faster. You also have the opportunity to unlock more weapons, creating a seemingly balanced battle. But the most important thing is your manipulation and strategy. You need to move wisely to avoid the footsteps of wild animals. At the same time, find the right time to attack. Just swipe on the screen to adjust the throw/fire direction and release your hand to attack. Arrows, spears or stone throws that hit the target will give you a small increase in survival rate.


Unlock hundreds of unique weapons

Big Hunter gives the leader of the tribe a lot of different weapons. But you need to redeem your resources to unlock them all. Weapons are also ranked from low to high. Low-level weapons will be small in size and not high in damage, enough to defeat small jungle animals in the first days of survival. Therefore, as you survive longer and face bigger enemies, you always need to unlock better weapons. It can be bows, spears, axes, coconuts, rocks, darts, big boomerangs, sickles, hammers, and more.

Each type of weapon has certain advantages and limitations. Therefore, you need to know how to choose the right weapon in the confrontation with each type of wild animal. The arrows will have a fast fire rate, while the hammer has a low speed but deals better damage. Furthermore, bows or spears, darts, and boomerangs will be used for ranged attacks. While hammer and sickle will be used for close combat. The way you choose your weapon also shows your strategic vision.


Simple pictures, playful music

The game is designed on a 2D graphics platform, everything is quite simple and rudimentary. But it is this design that faithfully depicts the primitive setting when everything was old and outdated. Besides, the image of each object in the game is described very realistically and sharply. Although it is only symbolic, you will see the image of primitive humans and wild animals very similar to what we know. Moreover, the background music with joyful melodies will help you relax when participating in the game.

Big Hunter will give you a fresh and inspiring experience. How wonderful that you can go back to the primeval times and learn how to survive there. It is not like modern shooting survival wars, you have to be a good hunter to conquer jungle animals and earn a living. There are dozens of different weapons, which will you choose to fight the mammoth or the wild wolf?

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