Big City Life: Simulator  1.4.7 MOD Lots of Money APK
Big City Life: Simulator MOD APK 1.4.7

Big City Life: Simulator  1.4.7 MOD Lots of Money APK

By Hai Nam April 7, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Big City Life: Simulator
Requires Android 4.1
Publisher CactusGamesCompany
Size 71MB
Latest Version 1.4.7
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Casual
Price FREE

Big City Life: Simulator is the follow-up from the creators who created hit games like Clash of Crime and World of Derby. This time, you have a better new experience in the big open city where you have to find a way to survive by your own labor. No more missions served by weapons, as usual, now you have to climb the career ladder with your hands and wise management of both time and money. You will do the most ordinary jobs to shop, design fashion, and renovate your home. In the open world, you are free to do what you like within the limits of the city’s laws. Every decision you make will affect your career and even your life.

Download Big City Life: Simulator MOD APK – Virtual life in the big open city

This game begins when you play as a young man who has just set foot in the big city. You have to face tons of problems to spend a harder life here. What you’re aiming for is money, which helps you settle your bills and find your way up the ladder in life. You will do many different things to earn money and have to spend it wisely to get richer and richer. Thus, you will have a lifelike virtual life in this game. Will a magnificent city full of opportunities welcome you in the most positive way? With realistic graphic design, the game will bring you the most vivid role-playing feeling ever.


Going up from 0

You start with nothing but health and work ethic. You will go up from such a background until you achieve what you want in life in the dreamy virtual city. You will do the most ordinary jobs such as serving at restaurants, selling pizza, cleaning up trash, and more to earn the first coins. You’ll need to spend your hard-earned money on a variety of needs, including food, rest, and entertainment. Besides, you will need to rent a house to live in and have to find ways to refurbish it from time to time. And you also need transportation to access the many new opportunities in the city.

You can choose your own career and direction and will be responsible for it. But the best way is to choose honest jobs and improve your personal life over time. Or you will choose to rob a bank or steal someone else’s house and risk being caught by the police. So, what is your direction? You are also the one who chooses to design for yourself and for the things around you. For instance, you will shop for furniture yourself and place them wherever you want in your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and more. In addition, you choose how to behave with people around you, thereby determining how close you are to colleagues and friends.


Design and take care of your character

Your character in Big City Life: Simulator has three important stats, including Hunger, Energy, and Mood. These three stats are equally important, so you need to find a way to fill the indicator bars to stay healthy and happy. If you feel hungry, find a way to fill your stomach. If you run out of energy, you need to rest for a while to recover. Mood stats are related to the character’s emotions and state. Always shop for him new things to improve this stat. Because you are always limited by the decline of the three above-mentioned indicators, you need to manage your time effectively to balance work and many other factors.

Besides, you should also take care of your appearance by shopping for many new items at the store. You can buy a new shirt, new pants, hat, shoes and more depending on your own financial situation. But you can combine them together in many ways to create a unique fashion style with its own personality. When you become rich, your fashion can change, from t-shirts and jeans to elegant vests, pants, and leather shoes. It is up to your choice.


Realistic and sharp 3D graphic style

The game’s open world is realistically depicted on 3D graphics. It highlights the beauty of buildings, crowded eateries, comfortable homes, and more. The characters in this virtual city look like the real thing. They are also very diverse with many different outfits and personalities. Besides, your every gesture and movement are very smooth, giving a feeling of authentic and refreshing role-playing. The control interface is also very flexible, giving you easy access to everything around.

Big City Life: Simulator will not let you down when it brings unprecedented authentic role-playing gameplay. It will challenge your survival skills when placed in a vast virtual city full of difficulties and opportunities. Seize these precious opportunities to become richer and more stylish. Work with your own hands to earn money and spend it on every need, or will you steal? Choose to decide your life-like virtual life here.

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