BetterSleep 24.6.1 MOD Premium Unlocked APK
BetterSleep MOD APK 24.6.1

BetterSleep 24.6.1 MOD Premium Unlocked APK

By Hai Nam April 20, 2024 (1 day ago)
Name BetterSleep
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher Ipnos Software
Size 122MB
Latest Version 24.6.1
MOD Premium Unlocked
Category Health & Fitness
Price FREE

BetterSleep is an effective sleep tracker and meditation guide. With this app, you can record your sleep to hear your snoring and breathing. Besides, you can listen to soothing music before going to sleep. These are usually melodies made up of natural sounds like rain, wind, and ocean waves. The app also has a bunch of stories to listen to before bedtime. The whispering voice will make you fall asleep faster and sleep better. Moreover, you can practice electric meditation with simple breathing lessons. Let’s sleep better and mind more relaxed!

Introduce about BetterSleep – Music and meditation for better sleep!

Having a good night’s sleep is not difficult, but it is not easy, especially for those with chronic insomnia symptoms. But there is always a way to improve your sleep, typically BetterSleep. This app is among the “Editor’s Choice” on Google Play and has millions of users. Its main use is to provide music, bedtime stories, sleep timer setting, sleep tracking, meditation, and more. You will need these if you want to sleep better and feel better.


Music library before bedtime

Science has proven that the right music will help you fall asleep faster. You will find that music in this app. Specifically, it has more than 100 melody options including:

  • Nature sounds of wind, birds, fire, rain, waves, crashing water
  • Sound from the hair dryer, vacuum cleaner, fan, airplane, and noise in the cafe
  • Sound from instruments like piano, guitar
  • Isochronic brainwave sound with many frequencies such as 2.5Hz, 4Hz (when dreaming APK, 5Hz (when the brain meditates deeply APK, and 10Hz (when the brain relaxes APK,…

Besides, this app has more than 100 stories to listen to before bedtime. The theme of the story is extremely diverse, including genres such as fairy tales, mysteries, myths, fiction, science fiction, children, adventure, etc. In particular, each story is lightly voiced. This voice tone helps you fall asleep faster and sleep better. You can unlock most of the tunes and stories available here. But you need to subscribe to the premium plan if you want to hear more.


Sleep tracking to improve

Tracking your sleep is just as important as creating a good night’s sleep. You should know how each stage of sleep happens, thereby knowing the quality of your sleep. BetterSleep will help you do this through the sleep recording feature.

Before bedtime, you just need to turn on this feature and see the recording results the next day. Accordingly, the recording content includes sounds made during sleep such as breathing, snoring, conversation, movement sounds from limbs, etc. In addition, you can also know the time to start sleeping. and time spent sleeping.

If you want to set a certain sleep cycle, you can set it right inside this app. Having the right sleep cycle will help you ensure quality sleep even if you don’t get enough sleep. For example, instead of sleeping 8 hours, you can reduce it to 6 hours, depending on your needs or schedule. For short sleep cycles, you should set it to 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or 45 minutes.


Simple meditation exercises

Meditation exercises have been scientifically proven to be effective. But you don’t need complicated exercises, just learn to “breathe”. This app has daily meditation programs available to help you learn to inhale – exhale, monitor, and focus on your breath.

During your workout, you’ll listen to a soothing voice guide and soothing background music. Moreover, you can choose meditation topics for many purposes, such as rest, reducing stress, clearing your mind, falling asleep, improving your heart, and more.


Some other features

Besides sleep tracking and meditation, this app has many other interesting features. Specifically:

  • Bedtime reminder: You can set an alarm to sleep and wake up at the right time.
  • Create playlists: You have the right to add your favorite songs or stories to playlists to play in rotation, randomly, or repeatedly.
  • Smart Mix: The application will automatically create a track of mixed sounds. The melody will be quite catchy and natural, helping you to focus more on work or easier to fall asleep.

Thus, BetterSleep will help your sleep and spirit. This application is trusted because of its high efficiency and simple usage. You only need a few basic steps to set up a personal profile. Then you will have the right content from music and stories to meditation exercises. Please maintain the habit of using the application daily to improve and maintain a good night’s sleep.

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