Benji Bananas 1.68 MOD Unlimited Bananas APK
Benji Bananas MOD APK 1.68

Benji Bananas 1.68 MOD Unlimited Bananas APK

Written by Hai Nam (15 hours ago)
Name Benji Bananas
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Animoca Brands
Size 31MB
Latest Version 1.68
MOD Unlimited Bananas
Category Adventure
Price FREE

Benji Bananas brings you exciting adventures with a smart monkey. It is similar to endless running games like Temple Run, but with a little difference in gameplay. This game will take place on a horizontal screen and you will control the monkey to run from left to right. Your mission is to collect bananas and adventure as far as you can in the mysterious forest. Just tap the screen to do it, even without swiping in the usual endless runner games. Moreover, the images in the game are lovely, bright, and friendly. So the game is for everyone to play, including children. Join it now and enjoy hours of great relaxation on your phone. Go far and wide to explore the landscape and earn coins that unlock tons of new skins and skills.

Benji Bananas – Monkey’s endless adventure journey!

It’s time to accompany a monkey on an exciting adventure. It is easy to play and friendly, but it is unlikely that you will conquer it in just a few times. Although it is an endless journey, the game also has quite a clear level of progress. Every time through a new level, the challenge is bigger and more locations are unlocked. Your journey is thus more diverse and endlessly inspiring. Besides, with a friendly design and playful music, the game is suitable for relaxing all the time. You will have the opportunity to enjoy adventures in beautiful landscapes and great tunes. What could be better than that?


Simple but addictive gameplay

Compared to classic endless runner games, this game is simpler in gameplay. Instead of swiping left, right, up, and down, you can simply click and drop on the screen. Accordingly, you will click to let the monkey swing and release your hand to fly freely. But you need to align the click and release time appropriately to overcome obstacles and ensure the safety of the character. There are dozens of different obstacles on your way. It can be large tree branches, thorn bushes, cliffs, rivers, snakes, and more. You need to have wise strategies to conquer the dangers and go as far as possible. Besides, you have to collect the fruits along the way. Collect as much as you can to earn points and bonuses.

Every time you enter a new stage, you will open up new landscapes and new dangers. You need to be careful with swings as they come in different varieties. Sometimes it’s a rope and a creeper, but sometimes it’s a long snake. It is much more difficult to swing by snakes because they are very slippery. Once there, you can use a special skill to not fall or quickly click to swing into another nearby rope. If there is no good drop point, your monkey may fall into the river or fall into the forest. And of course, you will stop playing again from the beginning. The game landscape will change every time you return.


Design and upgrade characters

Benji Bananas allows you to design your monkey with many unique options. Accordingly, you can unlock hats, masks, ninja costumes, medieval warrior clothes, and more. These won’t make him stronger or faster, but of course, they will keep you entertained and inspired to play in the long run. All will not be available from the beginning, you have to play to accumulate bonuses and unlock favorites. Besides, some items are only unlocked when you reach enough levels.

In addition, if you want to upgrade your character, you should unlock special skills. Some skills help revive the monkey after being dropped, others help him better swing snakes, speed up or increase combat ability. These are really effective to give you an edge in some emergency situations. So consider unlocking them before starting your level. But of course, not everything is free.


Bright background, diverse landscape

The game resonates with a large number of gamers thanks to its fun design. It gives a forest landscape with lots of colors and details like trees, rivers, lakes, animals, swings, waterfalls, cliffs, mountains, and more. Thanks to that, the experience context is always bright. Moreover, your monkey looks funny and has many funny expressions. The music is light and cheerful, making gamers always feel relaxed during long gaming sessions.


Overall, Benji Bananas will not let you down. If you love a light and fun adventure experience, this is a great choice to play on your phone. It takes you on an adventurous journey through beautiful forest landscapes. There, you just click to overcome obstacles and go everywhere. Spectacular high jumps or gentle landings will thrill you every second.

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